Idle Red Hands Podcast is a podcast from Japan about games and gamers. We focus mostly on role-playing games, but dabble and tangent into board games, movies, comics, living in Japan and making fun of each other. The latter being most frequent.

The hosts, Chris, Lyal, Wayne and Jeremy, all live in Kansai, Japan, meeting often to game, gab and record the show.

The Hosts:

Lyal (Producer/Host): I’m Canadian. I started with 1st edition D&D, but D&D now shares shelf space with lots of games, including Vampire, Battletech, GURPS, TORG, and DC Heroes. When not gaming, I enjoy reading (comic books AND books), watching unappreciated movies, quoting The Inbetweeners, asking Wayne about growing up in the ghetto, and not watching Chris eat.

Jeremy (Producer/Host): I grew up in the Midwest where my preferred place of worship was Mike’s Games & Hobbies. There I found not only roleplaying games, like Traveller, Villains & Vigilantes, Psi World and of course Dungeons & Dragons but also Ral Partha and Grenadier metal miniatures. Those I dowsed in lacquer paints until they looked like glistening melted wax figures. The black clamshell Steve Jackson games were my favorite thing to smuggle into school. I work as a cartoonist and occasionally publish books. Some of them are actually funny.

Chris (Original Host): I’m a native Chicagoan living in Kobe. I’ve been gaming since…I don’t remember when I started, but I was still in Boy Scouts then, so it was a long time ago. My first love was D&D, but have since enjoyed nearly every system I’ve come across. Other hobbies include graphic design, building stuff, snowboarding and cooking/eating things covered in cheese. Though I’m not married yet, I probably will be by the time you read this.

Wayne (Original Host): I grew up in Philadelphia, where I cut my GMing teeth on home-brew games of HeroQuest using whatever figures I could get my hands on. I found Magic: the Gathering in grade school and played religiously for almost two decades, leading to my love affair with crunch and game design. My bookshelves are half RPG books, half boardgames, and about a metric ton of unpainted wargaming minatures.

Music: The song used in the episodes, “Roadkill”, was written and performed by Tripod Jimmy and is used with their kind permission.