Star Trek Adventures 2d20 RPG by Modiphius – Actual Play – Session One: A CURE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE Part Two

This is the Second Session for Star Trek Adventures 2d20 RPG by Modiphius. We are playing A CURE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE from the Strange New Worlds Adventure book. We are using the Foundry VTT with fan-made unofficial modules. This is the raw feed of our actual play so we won’t be able to interact with chat during the session. #startrek #sta #actualplay #modiphius

The Crew of the USS Mugato:

Captain Payjh – Efrosian (NPC)

Executive Officer Commander Asadon U’teh – Betazoid (Will)

Helmsman Ensign Chamberlain McAndrews – Human (Matt)

Chief of Security Lieutenant Ra’nh Stark – Andorian  (Terry)

Medical Specialist Seki – Vulcan (NPC)

Ensign Mendez – Human (NPC)

Engineer Ron Templeton –  Human (NPC)

Communications Officer Lt. Lelit – Human (NPC)

#startrek #sta #actualplay #modiphius

Livestream actual play video]

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