Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when an unarmed man comes towards you?
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when protesters complain about you?

Media now give you no break
Citizens now give you no break
Not soldier man give you no break (Just guns and APCs)
Not even the DOJ now give you no breaks
– New theme to Cops

In this installment of Creature Features, we discuss the police and how to play them as protagonists and antagonists.

“Why would I pay you $100,000?”
“Because if you don’t, the world will know what’s in your … closet.”
“So? I’ve been out of the closet for years.”
“That’s not the closet I was referring to, Brenyax Windwalker the LARPer.”

In this installment of Rogues, Wayne and Lyal discuss blackmail, which is surprisingly still around in this age of the overshare.

Citizen A: Thank you, Reptilon! Thank you for saving our city from Neo-Varlos!
Citizen B: Saving our city? Look around, it’s nothing but rubble now.
Citizen A: Yes, but Reptilon destroyed  those buildings by accident.
Citizen B: As opposed to Neo-Varlos who was intentionally trying to destroy them?
Citizen A: Exactly. Even though the results are the same, intention is all that matters in a kaiju battle.

A big creature feature this week as Chris, Wayne, and Lyal discuss kaiju (giant monsters). We draw out common elements and inspiration from the new Godzilla movie, as well as some old classics such as Gamera and the original King of the Monsters, Gojira. (Lyal also frequently mentions Yonggary, which is, according to him, the absolute worst movie ever made.) Then we stomp over to using these city-sized beasts as antagonists, events, and protagonists. It’s a truly titanic episode!

“A long bow and a strong bow,
And let the sky grow dark.
The nock to the cord, the shaft to the ear,
And a foreign king for a mark!”
– Robert E. Howard

In this installment of Warriors, we discuss the English longbowmen and Welsh lngbwmn (probable spelling). Listen to learn how surprisingly easy it is to make a longbow, according to Chris, and how to safely remove an arrow, according to Lyal.

This is another Wayneless episode. He refused to participate in protest over our refusal name this episode “longbowpeople”.


In a world where restraint has died, rifts crisscross the Earth, opening portals to other dimensions. Glitter Boys (not what you think), Cyber-Knights (what you think), Juicers (if you think “post-apocalyptic Lance Armstrong”, then what you think), and vagabonds (what you think – seriously) battle the evil Coalition, demons, and vampires. Are you ready for infinite possibilities, limited only by your imagination?™ (Yep. Palladium trademarked that.)

In this episode, Lyal and Chris provide an introduction to the game where anything goes and everyone is armoured like a tank: Rifts.