GM: Just as you’re about to go into the bathroom stall, you feel a chill.
Player: Hanakosan is in there, right?
GM: Maybe. We’ll see.
Player: I go to the next stall.
GM: What? Uh, it’s occupied.
Player: I wait.
GM: You really need to go to the bathroom. Make a stamina check.
Player: Seriously? Man, I knew I should’ve taken the Steel Trap Sphincter Advantage.

In our second episode of our Month of Horror, we look at haunted locations, from houses to ships to bathroom stalls.

In our first episode of our third annual Month of Horror, we look at the Inquisition. Sodomy, bigamy, heresy, and witch, uh, sorcery; this episode has it all. We discuss how to play an inquisitor as an antagonist (easy) and how to play them as a protagonist (not so easy).

Special guest appearances by one of Lyal’s cats and some of his dishes. He has since been brought in for questioning on suspicion of witchcraft.

With Wayne back from Strategicon‘s Gateway 2013 and Lyal fresh off of reading books on the history of role-playing games, we decide to combine these for this episode’s topic. We look at the innovations that role-playing games brought to gaming and how these can be found in today’s convention games. Since we’re talk about conventions, we cover an eighties cartoon, zombies, neck beards, teenage girls (Wait. What?) and One Direction (Which convention did Wayne go to?).