This is the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 RPG by Modiphius. We are playing THE WHOLE OF THE LAW from the Strange New Worlds Adventure book. We are using the Foundry VTT with fan-made unofficial modules. This is the raw feed of our actual play so we weren’t  able to interact with chat during the session.

The Crew of the USS Mugato:

Captain Payjh – Efrosian (NPC)

Executive Officer Commander Asadon U’teh – Betazoid (Will)

Helmsman Ensign Chamberlain McAndrews – Human (Matt)

Chief of Security Lieutenant Ra’nh Stark – Andorian  (Terry)

Medical Specialist Seki – Vulcan (NPC)

Ensign Mendez – Human (NPC)

Engineer Ron Templeton –  Human (NPC)

Communications Officer Lt. Lelit – Human (NPC)

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