In Part Seven: The tensions created by Cybertronic erupt into the Second Corporate War. The iron-fisted Cardinal Dominic rises to power within the Brotherhood and turns away from peace as an option. A new Dark Citadel on Mars heralds the return of the Dark Symmetry and the Second Dark Legion War engulfs the system. Does humanity have the strength to once more drive back the Dark Powers? What secrets are hidden on Old Earth?

The Complete Mutant Chronicles is a new lore series covering the dark history of humanity. Starting with the death of Old Earth and the rise of the Megacorporations, the first Corporate Wars and the unleashing of the Dark Powers, then through the Dark Symmetry, Dark Legion, and the Dark Eden eras. If you are a long-time fan of the Mutant Chronicles or just know it from the Warzone miniatures game, this gives you the complete story of our conquered solar system that will bring back old memories or inspire you to make new ones.

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