Demetrious Polychron, author of “The Fellowship of the King,” lost a lawsuit against Amazon and JRR Tolkien’s estate, claiming infringement on his Lord of the Rings fanfic. Polychron demanded $250 million but now owes $134,000 in legal fees to the Tolkien Estate. The court ruled that Polychron’s book infringed upon Amazon’s Rings of Power series. The judge described Polychron’s lawsuit as “frivolous and unreasonably filed.”

Black Site Studios released a new edition of the Horror miniatures game, Don’t Look Back, featuring updates, revamped mechanics, and new characters. The edition includes bonus rules for Vehicles and Companions, incorporating previous expansions. The set includes 32mm resin miniatures and a new Core Rulebook.

Amazon Studios secured global rights to Warhammer 40,000, with Henry Cavill set to star and executive produce multiple projects. The deal covers series, films, and more. Cavill, a high-profile Warhammer fan, expressed excitement, and Amazon plans to work with Games Workshop and Vertigo Entertainment. The announcement follows Cavill’s involvement in various upcoming projects. Games Workshop announced a £2,500 end-of-year bonus for all employees as part of its 2023 profit share scheme. This comes after the release of Warhammer 40,000’s 10th Edition ruleset and the Leviathan box set. Additionally, Warhammer: The Old World is set to receive a robust reboot in 2024.

Wizards of the Coast denied claims that generative AI was used in artwork teasing the 2024 core rulebooks. Responding to social media allegations, the company stated that no generative AI was used, consistent with their artist guidelines. The artist, Nestor Ossandón, defended the process, sharing early sketches and work-in-progress versions. Concerns over AI-created artwork in the industry were raised following recent layoffs at Hasbro.

Nightfall Games discovered that artwork for Terminator 2 and RESIST on Kickstarter had AI-generated elements, identified as resembling the ‘Midjourney’ AI art generator. The company expressed disappointment, stating AI art is theft, and vowed to fix the issue. They are working with external artists to ensure AI-free art and implementing checks before payment and acceptance. The team thanked backers for their support.

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