The upcoming D&D actual play series, “Heretic Hunt,” merges the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40,000, promising a unique blend of medieval fantasy and grim futuristic themes. This series features former Games Workshop presenters Louise Sugden and Chris ‘Peachy’ Peach, alongside Dungeon Master Daniel Saye, actor Greg Jones, and producer-performer Jamila Hall. Set to premiere later this year, it will consist of eight 48-minute episodes featuring miniatures and terrain crafted by the players. Daniel Saye, inspired by Warhammer 40,000’s gritty universe and the street-level narratives of author Dan Abnett, orchestrates the story. The campaign kicks off in the hive city Serrix-2, with a team of Inquisitorial agents disrupting a heretical ritual. The diverse characters, some seasoned and others newly conscripted, focus on saving their immediate surroundings rather than the entire world. Sugden, leveraging her experience with the Necromunda franchise, integrates her multidisciplinary skills into the role-playing, bringing a depth of lore and creativity to her character.The series adopts the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset due to its familiarity and efficiency for storytelling, despite the availability of other RPG systems. Saye emphasizes that D&D’s shared language among players made it ideal for the series’ production. The rules are slightly modified to fit the Warhammer 40,000 setting, with elements borrowed from other RPGs to enhance the narrative. The miniatures and terrain, integral to the visual storytelling, are crafted with passion and precision by the team, providing a rich and immersive experience for viewers.

Chaosium’s release of Pendragon 6E includes the revitalized campaign “The Grey Knight,” a classic adventure newly updated for the sixth edition. The campaign spans generations and serves as an excellent introduction to the Pendragon system, featuring prominent Arthurian characters like Arthur, Guenevere, and Merlin. It combines the two prequel scenarios from the Starter Set with the full Grey Knight campaign, offering a comprehensive and engaging experience for new players and game masters.

Evil Genius Games (EGG), known for their Everyday Heroes TTRPG, is under scrutiny for potentially using NFTs and blockchain technology despite previous pledges against such technologies. After multiple staff resignations citing ethical concerns, EGG’s CEO Dave Scott assured the public that the company would avoid these controversial technologies. However, Scott’s recent pitch at Consensus 2024 heavily featured NFTs and blockchain, raising doubts about EGG’s commitment to its earlier promises. The pitch outlined a vision where NFTs would play a significant role in their TTRPG offerings, including character sheets and in-game objects, sparking further controversy and concern among fans and former staff alike.

Similarly, Embracer Group has adopted a new AI policy to enhance game production, aiming to increase efficiency and personalization in gameplay. The company believes that leveraging AI will allow for more engaging and dynamic gaming experiences. However, Embracer acknowledges the risks associated with AI, such as potential ethical and bias issues, and emphasizes a human-centric approach to the technology. The policy aims to empower developers and open opportunities for new hires, while ensuring compliance with comprehensive legal and ethical standards.

Free RPG Day is set for June 22, 2024, offering exclusive RPG adventures, previews, and accessories from top publishers. The event, held at hobby game stores worldwide, provides an opportunity for gamers to explore new games and enjoy a day of roleplaying celebration. Participating publishers will soon reveal the details of their offerings, promising a treasure trove of exciting content for attendees.

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