What would Warhammer without the war be like? What if the green fields of a tabletop ‘battlefield’ were actually an apple orchard, or sheep pen, or a forest full of bugs? Well, there’s a whole online community of wargamers exploring that question, creating pacifist ‘peacegames’ that are delighting hobbyists and their kids alike.

Veteran TTRPG blogger, developer, publisher, and writer Owen K.C. Stephens suffered a pulmonary embolism in February, resulting in his hospitalization. While still recovering from that ailment, he was diagnosed with cancer (initially throught to be early stage 2, then rediagnosed to late stage 1). Though he has every intention of overcoming this challenge and producing game material for years to come, and despite having medical insurance, the medical bills have begun to pile up. The TTRPG industry has come together to create a mega-bundle to help, with all proceeds going to help Owen with those bills.  

A retail store in Akihabara will check IDs to prevent adults from buying and reselling Pokémon cards. In the wake of Pokémon cards totally selling out in Japan, it appears that one trading card store in the country’s Akihabara district has adopted some drastic measures: Bar adults from buying cards so kids can enjoy the hobby.

Warzone, the classic tabletop miniatures game of skirmishes in the techno-fantasy universe of Mutant Chronicles, returns with Warzone Eternal!  A massively popular miniatures game in the 1990s, Warzone captured the  imagination of players with its adrenaline-fueled imagery and its quick  and engaging ruleset. Res Nova seeks to recapture that spirit with Warzone Eternal and has assembled a crack team to do so. Warzone Eternal is a fast-playing skirmish  miniatures game in which players collect a force representing one of the factions locked in struggle across countless warzones – the powerful megacorporations of Bauhaus, Capitol, Cybertronic, Imperial, and Mishima, the hordes of necrobionic warriors of Algeroth, the Dark Legion Apostle of War, or humanity’s mystic warriors of the Light, the Brotherhood. Through scenario-driven battles, players will engage in the constant covert, or not so covert, fight for supremacy amongst the megacorporations or the never-ending battle against the darkness to preserve humanity – or destroy it.

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