Roll20, a popular online tabletop gaming platform, is integrating Dungeon Scrawl, a real-time map-making tool, into its features. This integration allows Dungeon Masters to create and incorporate custom maps into their online Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Players can also create maps in real-time as they progress through the game, offering dynamic storytelling opportunities. Dungeon Scrawl provides various customization options, including grid shapes, furniture, and viewing perspectives. While many DMs already use Dungeon Scrawl maps, this integration streamlines the process, making it more accessible. Roll20 also has plans for further enhancements, such as easier map exports and a shared library of user-made maps, though no official timeline is provided.

Rez Nova has released the beta rules for Warzone Eternal. They contain everything needed to try the wargame including stat lines for units. The pledgemanger for the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is also open and isn’t set to close until the end of this year. Warzone is back and the miniatures are coming next year!

Square Enix is releasing a Final Fantasy XIV tabletop RPG starter set in May 2024, allowing players to recreate characters and adventures from the MMORPG in a tabletop format. Additionally, Nagahama Roman Beer Company is launching three Final Fantasy XIV-themed whiskeys inspired by the game’s starting cities.

OpenAI faces a lawsuit from The Authors Guild and several prominent authors, including George R.R. Martin and John Grisham, for copyright infringement. They allege that OpenAI used their copyrighted works to train large language models without permission, potentially harming their livelihoods by enabling the creation of derivative works. Other authors have also filed similar lawsuits against OpenAI for copyright infringement, creating a legal challenge for generative AI companies.

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What would Warhammer without the war be like? What if the green fields of a tabletop ‘battlefield’ were actually an apple orchard, or sheep pen, or a forest full of bugs? Well, there’s a whole online community of wargamers exploring that question, creating pacifist ‘peacegames’ that are delighting hobbyists and their kids alike.

Veteran TTRPG blogger, developer, publisher, and writer Owen K.C. Stephens suffered a pulmonary embolism in February, resulting in his hospitalization. While still recovering from that ailment, he was diagnosed with cancer (initially throught to be early stage 2, then rediagnosed to late stage 1). Though he has every intention of overcoming this challenge and producing game material for years to come, and despite having medical insurance, the medical bills have begun to pile up. The TTRPG industry has come together to create a mega-bundle to help, with all proceeds going to help Owen with those bills.  

A retail store in Akihabara will check IDs to prevent adults from buying and reselling Pokémon cards. In the wake of Pokémon cards totally selling out in Japan, it appears that one trading card store in the country’s Akihabara district has adopted some drastic measures: Bar adults from buying cards so kids can enjoy the hobby.

Warzone, the classic tabletop miniatures game of skirmishes in the techno-fantasy universe of Mutant Chronicles, returns with Warzone Eternal!  A massively popular miniatures game in the 1990s, Warzone captured the  imagination of players with its adrenaline-fueled imagery and its quick  and engaging ruleset. Res Nova seeks to recapture that spirit with Warzone Eternal and has assembled a crack team to do so. Warzone Eternal is a fast-playing skirmish  miniatures game in which players collect a force representing one of the factions locked in struggle across countless warzones – the powerful megacorporations of Bauhaus, Capitol, Cybertronic, Imperial, and Mishima, the hordes of necrobionic warriors of Algeroth, the Dark Legion Apostle of War, or humanity’s mystic warriors of the Light, the Brotherhood. Through scenario-driven battles, players will engage in the constant covert, or not so covert, fight for supremacy amongst the megacorporations or the never-ending battle against the darkness to preserve humanity – or destroy it.

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Amazon Studios today announced that it has secured global rights to Warhammer  40,000, based on the immensely popular intellectual property from Games Workshop (GAW) that has given rise to an immersive global hobby – Warhammer. The agreement encompasses rights to the universe across series, film, and more, and will sit alongside GAW’s activities as they continue to make the best miniatures in the world. This is the first deal of its kind for Amazon Studios for IP of this scale, and it allows the company to utilize the title across its entertainment businesses. Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Mission: Impossible – Fallout) is set to star in and executive produce the Warhammer 40,000 franchise across all Amazon Studios productions.

Asmodee’s pricing for its new terrain kits for Marvel Crisis Protocol are reminding us of the incredibly overpriced offering from Games Workshop. Discuss.

Dungeons and Dragons fans banded together to get #OpenDnD trending on Twitter. This tag emerged in response to recent activity that suggests Dungeons and Dragons might be considering cracking down on homebrew in One D&D.

We also cover the good and the bad of 2022. A surprising amount of bad.

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WARNING: The audio quality this week was not ideal for Matt’s remote audio. Apologies for the difficult listening. We will find a better solution for next time.

We just have one topic today – KICKSTARTERS

A few examples of current crowdfunding campaigns. Warzone Eternal by Res Nova, Blade Runner by Free League and Household RPG by 2LM and CMON. We discussing generally what is good about the platform and how this recent boom may be drawing attention away from small projects that need Kickstarter attention the most.

My guest host this week is Matt Robinson.

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Wizards of the Coast has announced the return of two popular settings now for 5E. Unfortunately, according to Twitter, Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, creators of Dragonlance and Jeff Grubb, creator of Spelljammer, were not involved in the announcement and found out at the same time everyone did during the announcement. We talked previously about the lawsuit involving the new Dragonlance novels. It doesn’t make WotC look great to ignore the original creators of these settings. Is this to emphasize a break from the past or a chance to save some money?

During the D&D Direct announcement last week, Modiphius Entertainment had a strange announcement of their own. In an attempt to possible distract from WotC, Modiphius had an hour long livestream announcement that was just a torchlit wall that eventually crumbles after a very long wait with only some slight change in lighting. They revealed their new TTRPG Cohors Cthulhu set in ancient Rome, a spinoff of Against the God Themselves, set in the same universe as Achtung! Cthulhu. I guess they were following the old adage “if you can’t beat ‘em, just be boring and confusing” or something like that.

We finally have a date for the Kickstarter campaign for Warzone Eternal. It will be launching May 17th, but be sure to listen to the entire livestream to make sure that date is correct. We talked with Alex Kanous from Res Nova Games previously about the new game and crowdfunding campaign. This should be a fun game to follow and hopefully a big success on Kickstarter. Hopefully with either the Cardinal’s blessing or the influence of the Dark Symmetry we will see the return of wargaming in the Mutant Chronicles universe.

Finally, there is a new release in Japan a a Swedish TTRPG, Kutulu by Mikael Bergström. Call of Cthulhu is the most popular tabletop roleplaying game in Japan. This is a much more rules light and streamlined d6 system. The insanity mechanic especially stands out as a great innovation to the Lovecraft setting. The Swedish language PDF is available as pay-what-you-want PDF on DriveThruRPG. With a little language software translation magic you can get an idea of how this system works. Hopefully we will see an English language release. Free League are you listening?

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Solo livestream this week! Didn’t we just say how this never happens? I talk about the new double feature from Free League for their Forbidden Lands RPG. Mutant Chronicles is on Humble Bundle with all the available PDFs and STLs! We end on a sad note with the passing of Steve Perrin, the creator of Runequest. Vale and Farewell!
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