The 30-year Magic: The Gathering anniversary edition box, priced at $999, has been a hot topic in the Magic community. Players and collectors were upset at the price point of non-tournament legal proxy cards, especially with there being very low odds of even cracking a Power Nine card within one of the four booster packs. Even top streamers from outside the MTG community like MoistCr1tikal jumped into the conversation over the weekend, calling the sale “not cool.”

Z2 has announced “Amon Amarth: The Great Heathen Army”, a new graphic novel and board game collaboration celebrating the heavy metal quintet’s last album of the same name. Channeling the thunderous epic poem winding through these nine tracks, the graphic novel dives into the heart of the Viking Age, as oars propel longships to shores awaiting the brutal collision of steel and bone.

Turnip28 is a post-apocalyptic vegetable wargame. Players command Regiments of fantastic miniatures made up of incompetent Snobs, bedraggled Followers and bizarre war machines. You will weep. You will cheer as deranged peasants kick each other to death in the mud. The Forlorn Hope: The Forlorn hope is the FIRST core miniature release for Turnip28. Providing the best set of multi-pose 3D printable infantry miniatures for new, existing and returning players. 

Free League Publishing announced this morning that they would officially release Blade Runner – The Roleplaying Game on December 13th. After having a successful Kickstarter campaign and promoting the game for the majority of 2022, we’re finally getting the Core Rules book, as well as the Starter Set, which comes with a ton of materials for those who really want to get a game rolling with everything you could ever need. More content is set to come out for it in 2023, but for now, these are the basics on which you can get a campaign set up.

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