Asmodee, the tabletop publishing company known for games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic, faced a setback as its corporate owner, Embracer Group, lost a $2 billion investment deal with Saudi Arabian partner Savvy Gaming Group. This deal was reportedly tied to a Saudi government investment fund. Asmodee’s parent company Embracer Group had previously been purchased by Sweden-based Embracer group. The failed deal led to stock price drops and cost-cutting measures. Despite this, Asmodee performed well in the first fiscal quarter of 2023, with increased sales and organic growth. The company also mentioned various upcoming releases and highlighted its successful performance despite the parent company’s challenges.

Matthew Lillard, known for his roles in movies like “Scream” and his involvement in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), launched a new line of game-inspired spirits called Quest’s End through his company Find Familiar Spirits. Lillard also discussed his passion for D&D and his involvement in TTRPG-related ventures like Beadle & Grimm’s. He’s also part of an improv and live gameplay series called “Faster, Purple Worm! Kill Kill!” that blends D&D and improv comedy. He highlighted the joy of playing with family and friends and emphasized the positive impact of tabletop role-playing games in his life.

The Dolmenwood Tabletop Roleplaying Game by Gavin Norman, after 10 years of development, offers an immersive fantasy adventure set in a richly crafted world inspired by British Isles folklore. Seamlessly blending the eerie and whimsical aspects of fairy tales, players embark on journeys through enchanting woods and mystical landscapes. The game provides streamlined rules suitable for both beginners and experienced role-players, introducing novel magic and creatures. The setting, available on Kickstarter since August 9th, 2023, includes three core books: the Player’s Book with comprehensive rules, the Campaign Book detailing the expansive campaign world, and the Monster Book featuring an array of creatures. Characters can be diverse, from goat-headed breggles to capricious woodgrues, each with nine unique classes. The open sandbox world encourages exploration across a detailed map, while the intuitive Old-School Essentials rules system ensures easy adaptation. Modern formatting enhances gameplay, and a range of extras such as adventures, miniatures, maps, and a soundtrack album further enrich the experience. A 76-page preview PDF offers insights into the game’s core content, promising an extensive world with engaging features across its three books.

Finally, the popular fiction podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” is set to be adapted into a tabletop RPG by Renegade Game Studios. The RPG will allow fans to explore the strange and eerie town of Night Vale in a tabletop setting. The game is expected to use Renegade’s Essence20 system, which incorporates a 20-sided die and skill dice for resolving challenges and obstacles.

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