Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), is delaying the shipment of its physical release, The Deck of Many Things, due to defects in the product. The defects include issues with the shape of the cards, tight paper bands damaging the foil on the cards, and size discrepancies among the cards. The publisher intends to re-manufacture and re-distribute copies without these issues and is suspending the initial ship date.The specific defects in the cards and how they impact gameplay. Wizards of the Coast remains confident that pre-order customers may still receive their orders before the end of 2023, but inspection and replacement will take time. These issues are not related to a cost-saving strategy but could be due to using paper packaging instead of non-biodegradable plastic wrapping. The publisher’s effort to reduce plastic waste in packaging might have led to some of the problems.

The Army Painter has introduced a new line of paints called Warpaints Fanatic, which has been in development for four years. This line includes 216 new paints, featuring eight reformulated skin tones, reformulated metallics, 18 effects paints, and a wash line with 18 colors. The paints are designed to have excellent coverage, making them suitable for professional painters and tabletop gamers. They incorporated feedback from various painters to ensure the quality of the paints. The Fanatic paints also use significantly more pigment (300%-700% more) without sacrificing coverage, thanks to the addition of a stabilizer. The paints come in a flexible six-color triad system for versatility and are color-matched to The Army Painter’s existing line of sprays and air paints. The line includes mixing balls, and the paint bottles indicate their triad set and actual color on the side. The Fanatic paints will be available for pre-order in various sets starting in early 2024.

Jennell Jaquays is an American game designer, video game artist, and illustrator known for her contributions to tabletop role-playing games, video games, and fantasy art. Throughout her career, Jaquays has made significant contributions to RPG adventures, video games, and art, earning recognition for her work. She has also played a role in game development education through her involvement in establishing the Guildhall at SMU. Unfortunately, she has faced health challenges, including Guillain-Barré syndrome. A fundraiser has been organized to support her in covering the substantial medical costs associated with her treatment and recovery. Jaquays’ career has been marked by creativity and contributions to the gaming industry, and her supporters are coming together to assist her during her time of need.

Forbidden Psalm: The End Times Edition is the ultimate version of the Forbidden Psalm tabletop miniatures game. It combines the Core Book and the In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard expansion into a single comprehensive edition. The game is compatible with the MÖRK BORG TTRPG and is designed for 28mm miniatures. It allows players to use their existing miniatures or create custom ones with random tables provided. The game offers solo play and cooperative rules, with unique warband members generated by random generators. Players recruit a warband of five members to undertake missions for Vriprix the Mad Wizard, facing rivals, monsters, and dangerous relics in their quest. The game is known for its disposable warband members who can suffer injuries, flaws, and wield dark magic. The End Times Edition includes new content, art, and lore, offering 25 scenarios for players to explore. While the core rules remain the same, this edition provides a better design, rules clarification, and combines the Mad Wizard expansion into the Core Book. It comes in hardcover or softcover versions, with the hardcover edition exclusively available through this Kickstarter. Additionally, mini-expansions from Forbidden Psalm are collected into a new edition, featuring over 20 scenarios, horrors, new weapons, and more. This softcover book is expected to be 80-100 pages long.

Mantic Games, a well-known miniature wargame studio, is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign in 2024 for an “epic-scale” Warpath game. Initially conceived as a larger version of Firefight, Warpath aimed to support sprawling battles with numerous vehicles. However, the concept evolved to focus on smaller-scale battles, allowing players to field massive armies. The game’s development has involved considerations like starting factions, materials, and rules. Mantic Games engaged with fans to gauge interest and found substantial enthusiasm for the Warpath universe at a smaller scale. Fans can follow the Kickstarter campaign page for updates, and Mantic Games has a track record of successful projects, making this new Warpath game an exciting prospect for enthusiasts of smaller-scale wargames.

Tom Bloom, the creator of the webcomic “Kill Six Billion Demons” and the mech TTRPG “Lancer,” has developed a new wargame called Magnagothica: Maleghast. It features a gothic, punk, and heavy metal theme set in a city where death is broken, and the dead return. The game is designed for virtual tabletop play and includes tactical necromancer action. The game is designed for two to four players and uses a square grid for gameplay. Players control a group called a Black Mass, which includes a Necromancer and minions. There are six different factions in the game, each with its own unique style and soundtrack. Tom Bloom created the game, including the design, layout, writing, and artwork, in a short time frame, and he hopes players will enjoy it.

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