Astroprisma is a solo sci-fi RPG set in a retro-futuristic universe, emphasizing space exploration, faction conflict, and dynamic gameplay mechanics such as combat, story events, and character choices. The game includes hexcrawl exploration, faction-based quests, and customizable spaceships.

The Black Company Role-Playing Game is an upcoming tabletop RPG based on Glen Cook’s “The Black Company” series, focusing on the experiences of soldiers in a world of brutal warfare and dark sorceries. The game aims to capture the essence of Cook’s novels and will feature a new game engine designed to emulate the themes and atmosphere of the series.

Dimension 20 Live Show at Madison Square Garden! Dimension 20, a popular tabletop RPG actual play series, will host a live one-shot adventure set in The Unsleeping City’s fantasy version of New York City at Madison Square Garden on January 24, 2025. The event will feature the core roleplay crew and promises dramatic storytelling and improvisational performances.

Gummyquest is a unique candy collection offering 25 flavors of fantasy-themed gummy miniatures, including adventurers, monsters, potions, and dice. The product aims to provide an immersive and flavorful tabletop gaming experience.

The developer of the digital trading card game Champions of Otherworldly Magic reveals that they’ve paid an “AI artist” $90,000 to generate card art. The AI artist reportedly produces high-quality artwork in a fraction of the time it would take traditional artists, sparking discussion about the use of AI in game development and its implications for the industry.

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