“Mutant Chronicles: Luna City Blues” is an upcoming tabletop RPG that revives the classic Mutant Chronicles IP. It takes place in a dystopian setting on the moon’s colony, Luna City, known for crime and corruption. The game focuses on detective-based adventures and mysteries. Designers Mikael Bergström and Gabrielle de Bourg, along with licenser Necromakina, are modernizing the rules and mechanics while still paying homage to the original game. The crowdfunding project will launch on Kickstarter in 2024.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police recovered around $300,000 worth of stolen Magic: The Gathering cards from Gen Con 2023. Two designers, Thomas J. Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume, were identified as persons of interest in the theft. The stolen cards were taken from the convention center, and New York State Police assisted in their recovery. Users on BoardGameGeek responded with mixed reactions, review-bombing the designers’ board game while others countered with positive ratings.

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is renaming the “Tribal” mechanic after 30 years. The term “Typal” will replace “Tribal” due to concerns about negative connotations associated with the latter. This change aims to maintain a positive public image for the game’s developer, Wizards of the Coast. Players can choose whether to adopt the new terminology.

“Eat the Reich” is a gory RPG created by Grant Howitt and comics illustrator Will Kirkby. Players take on the roles of vampire commandos during World War II, fighting against Nazi soldiers. The game offers a unique and gruesome adventure, allowing players to embody various types of vampires with distinct abilities. The game uses the Havoc System to resolve conflicts using six-sided dice. The Kickstarter campaign for “Eat the Reich” runs through September 14th, offering both physical and digital editions, with an Alchemy VTT digital version also included. #lunacityblues #eaththereich #mtg

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Unboxing and Flipthrough of the first issue of a new RPG series from 2000 AD and Judge Dredd publishers Rebellion. Each issue is a stand-alone game for up to seven players, from some of the most exciting RPG designers and artists in the industry.

Designed for ease of play for veterans and newbies alike, all you need to play is the magazine, some pencils and three six-sided dice.

The rules and format are designed around accessibility and ease of play for beginner and established players alike. First-time role players can read the four-page rule sheet, choose the most fun-sounding character, and get straight to playing.

One player is the Games Master, while the others control up to six Protagonists who will lead the story. The magazine has been carefully laid out for ease of GMing, keeping all of the important information at a glance. The rules are designed to keep the action flowing while giving the GM a clear structure to work with.

Every conflict roll is contested, so attacks and damage are decided in a single moment. All rolls are on three six-sided dice, so even with the odds against you, you’ll always have a fighting chance.

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