Pathfinder is dropping the drow as part of a wider re-work of the game and lore necessitated by Paizo’s move away from the OGL. During PaizoCon 2023’s “Into the Darklands” panel, Paizo creative director James Jacobs revealed that the drow would no longer appear in Pathfinder books due to Paizo’s move away from the Open Game License (OGL), which allowed them to freely use and adapt the lore and characteristics of drow from other OGL books. The drow will effectively be replaced by serpentfolk in Pathfinder lore as the villains of the Darklands, with most drow cities in Golarion maps now becoming serpentfolk strongholds. One exception to this is Zirnakaynin, which was previously the largest city populated by the drow and is now a mysterious ruin built by unknown parties.

Critical Role has been making waves with their new horror anthology series, and accompanying TTRPG of the same name, Candela Obscura. With a quickstart guide out right now, you can take a look at what the game entails. So far, there are some familiar mechanics at play. Candela Obscura has a distinct lineage. But there’s nary a d20 at play here. Instead, you can see its antecedents in games Forged-in-the-Dark. 

Mirrorscape plans to offer a polished, approachable virtual tabletop experience for playing RPGs online that goes far beyond just Dungeons & Dragons.The virtual tabletop platform is designed with mobile as its focus, centring on an app that allows players to track their character’s stats and roll dice on a digital table. Its team of indie developers includes celebrity D&D fan, Joe Manganiello, as creative director. As well as tools familiar from popular virtual tabletops such as Roll20, Mirrorscape also supports the use of augmented reality, allowing players to view a 3D layout of the table – complete with dice, terrain and miniatures – via their phone screen or a compatible headset. The virtual setup can be viewed from any angle or distance, tracking the players’ respective positions around the table whether they’re in the same room or not.

One of the most anticipated RPGs of 2023 by EN World, Dragonbane is the latest edition of Drakar och Demoner, Sweden’s first and largest tabletop RPG. Originally set for release in English, the game will now also be available in German (through Uhrwerk Verlag), French (Arkhane Asylum), Italian (Need Games), Spanish (Devir Games), Norwegian (Aegir Games), and Danish (Faraos Cigarer).
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