We are playing the adventure in the Quickstart from the Dragonbane Kickstarter: Rittermound. This is the latest edition of Drakar och Demoner which is being published for the first time in English. 

The players are Matt, Will and Andre playing their choice of pre-gens from the adventure:

ARCHMASTER AODHAN – Human Wizard – Elementalist (Will)

MAKANDER OF HALFBAY – Malard Knight (Matt)

ORLA MOONSILVER – Elf Hunter (Andre)


“Deep in the vast forests of the Misty Vale lies a burial mound called the Riddermound. It is a feared place, haunted by the undead form of a powerful knight in the dragon emperor’s service – but the death knight is also said to be watching over hidden treasures.”

This adventurer is designed to be a quick introduction to Dragonbane and its rules. At the end of this PDF there are five pre-generated player characters for the players to choose from.

The adventure is intended for three to five players, plus the Gamemaster.
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