BlackMilk, an Australian clothing brand, has revealed a new collection in collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons to celebrate the franchise’s 50th anniversary. The collection, featuring a variety of clothing items adorned with D&D icons, will be available for order next week. Previous collaborations by BlackMilk with franchises like Star Wars and Pokemon have been well-received for their stylish and functional designs. The collection includes items such as dresses, robes, jackets, knit sweaters, blazers, and pants, showcasing designs ranging from subtle D&D logos to portraits of iconic characters. To ensure availability, BlackMilk advises subscribing to their newsletter and creating an account on their website. Social media reactions suggest high anticipation for the collection, which is set to release on April 8th at 5pm EST.

An expansion titled “Sundered Isles” for the sci-fi RPG “Ironsworn: Starforged” has been announced, offering seafaring adventures in a fantasy Age of Sail setting. The expansion includes new gameplay options, character choices, and tools for worldbuilding, promising swashbuckling adventures amidst mariners, rebels, and empires. Developed by Shawn Tomkin, this expansion originated as a digital stretch goal in the Starforged Kickstarter campaign and is now nearing completion.

A product called “Doppel” is introduced, offering a digital miniature for tabletop RPGs. Doppel features LED screens, custom audio effects, motion detection, and compatibility with popular RPG games. It aims to enhance gaming experiences by bringing characters to life with dynamic visuals and immersive sounds. The device also includes an app for character management and customization, fostering a deeper connection with gaming personas and facilitating shared narratives among players. Doppel’s compact design and multimedia integration provide a modern alternative to traditional miniatures, while promoting social interaction among players.

Troika!, a surreal and strange tabletop RPG series, is offering a charity bundle with a 20% discount on several books, with proceeds benefiting Doctors Without Borders. The bundle, available through independent bookstore Iglootree, includes five physical sourcebooks at a reduced price, supporting humanitarian aid efforts. 

The comics community mourns the loss of acclaimed comics creator Ed Piskor, known for works like “Hip-Hop Family Tree” and “X-Men: Grand Design.” Piskor’s passing follows recent allegations of misconduct, and his death has prompted an outpouring of condolences from fans and colleagues.

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The three sliders that adjust the revenue split for Humble Bundle disappears. Charities can now only receive a maximum of 15% Ironsworn: Starforged, the scifi stand-alone sequel to Ironsworn, appears on Kickstarter. Jerry Beck, an animation historian, let slip that Warner Bros. appears to be moving away from physical media starting in 2022. That means no more DVD or Blu-ray discs and a pivot toward streaming platforms like their own HBO Max. Is this just for animation or is this the future? What if tabletop RPGs moved away from physical media? Fobidden Psalm is a tabletop 28mm miniatures game inspired and compatible with MÖRK BORG. It is miniatures agnostic and all of the content can also be used in the MÖRK BORG TTRPG. We also discuss the Monster Hunter boardgame by Steamforged Games that just ended on Kickstarter. 
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