Gen Con Alleged TCG Thieves Identified as Board Game Designers:The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has identified two individuals, Thomas J. Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume, as persons of interest in the theft of $300,000 worth of trading card game (TCG) cards from Gen Con 2023. Dunbar and Giaume are board game designers and had reportedly attended Gen Con, possibly to promote their original board game, Castle Assault. Security footage showed them carrying TCG cards out of the convention center.

Daggerheart is a tabletop RPG that combines defined rules with narrative flair. It features a two D12 dice system where players roll dice for Hope and Fear, with the higher roll determining the outcome. Characters have ancestries, hometowns, and classes with associated domains. The game promotes collaborative world-building, allowing players to contribute to the game’s setting. Death mechanics offer unique options, including going out in a blaze of glory or risking hope and fear dice rolls. The game focuses on mechanical crunch and narrative storytelling, offering a balance between the two.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced the Fire and Ice Miniatures Adventure Game, based on the animated film by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta. The game can be played as a board game or a roleplaying game and is set to release in May. Players take on the roles of heroes from the film’s storyline, battling against the forces of evil using miniatures, cards, and dice. The game includes customizable maps and aims to capture the fantasy world of the film.

JOYRIDE: Survival of the Fastest is a fast-paced racing board game where skillful driving takes precedence over pure speed. Up to four players hit the track, experiencing collisions, wacky items, and dramatic driver abilities. The game includes customizable maps and features interactions between players. The game system is designed to offer a balance between mechanics and narrative storytelling. The Kickstarter campaign offers various pledge levels, each with different game components and exclusives.

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