An artist who had contributed to a new Dungeons & Dragons book admitted to enhancing their artwork with AI tools. Wizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, is having the artist resubmit the work and updating their guidelines to prevent future AI-enhanced art submissions. The controversy arose because the AI-enhanced art included in the book had not been previously disclosed to the publisher.

CCP Games, the company behind the online game Eve Online, is collaborating with Titan Forge to create a board game adaptation called “Eve The Board Game.” The board game aims to capture the essence of the complex spacefaring MMO, featuring 4X game mechanics (exploration, expansion, exploitation, extermination). The adaptation seeks to bring the intricate player-driven dynamics and themes of the original game into the board game medium.

There was a theft of over $300,000 worth of tabletop gaming cards at the Gen Con 2023 convention. Thieves used a pallet jack to steal a pallet of cards while vendors were setting up for the event. The specific cards stolen and the companies affected have not been identified. Authorities are seeking public assistance to recover the stolen items.

Finally, the ENnies awards ceremony at Gen Con recognized excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming. Various products and content were awarded, including the Best Product of the Year and Best Setting awarded to “Vaesen RPG — Mythic Britain & Ireland” by Free League. The ENnies awards are a fan-based recognition of achievements in the tabletop gaming industry. The update also mentions various announcements and expansions related to games showcased at Gen Con.
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TSR is back! Again? Which one? They have started an IndieGoGo campaign to assist them in suing Wizards of the Coast for libel and slander, mostly concerning the disclaimer that has been added to legacy products. Cortex Prime, owned by Fandom has released the license details for fans interested in developing mods, etc. for the game. The fans are not happy. The agreement appears to give ownership of all free materials developed to Fandom. New expansion for Vaesen by Free League lets players leave the Nordic setting and explore folklore monsters in Britain and Ireland. EN Publishing loses the 200AD license and holds an enormous flash sale of all remaining stock. Forged in the Dark Bundle of Holding give you 4 RPGs using the system, including the original Blades in the Dark designed by John Harper and published by Evil Hat Productions , for only $10. Quite a deal if you have never tried the system and setting.
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The rights to all Michale Moorcock’s works, including Elric of Melniboné, were acquired by New Republic Pictures. Vaesen artbook by Johan Egerkrans arrived and it is beautiful. We are hoping the RPG looks the same. A High School RPG for ESL learning. When is a good time to introduce the TTPRG hobby to kids? Alien Debriefing is on Patreon. Chris explains Trophy covered in bees! Bundle of Holding’s Indie Cornucopia 7 features poplar small press RPGs like Blades in the Dark, Bubblegumshoe, Kids on Bikes and more. #vaesenrpg #bladesinthedark #trophyrpg #bundleofholding

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