An artist who had contributed to a new Dungeons & Dragons book admitted to enhancing their artwork with AI tools. Wizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, is having the artist resubmit the work and updating their guidelines to prevent future AI-enhanced art submissions. The controversy arose because the AI-enhanced art included in the book had not been previously disclosed to the publisher.

CCP Games, the company behind the online game Eve Online, is collaborating with Titan Forge to create a board game adaptation called “Eve The Board Game.” The board game aims to capture the essence of the complex spacefaring MMO, featuring 4X game mechanics (exploration, expansion, exploitation, extermination). The adaptation seeks to bring the intricate player-driven dynamics and themes of the original game into the board game medium.

There was a theft of over $300,000 worth of tabletop gaming cards at the Gen Con 2023 convention. Thieves used a pallet jack to steal a pallet of cards while vendors were setting up for the event. The specific cards stolen and the companies affected have not been identified. Authorities are seeking public assistance to recover the stolen items.

Finally, the ENnies awards ceremony at Gen Con recognized excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming. Various products and content were awarded, including the Best Product of the Year and Best Setting awarded to “Vaesen RPG — Mythic Britain & Ireland” by Free League. The ENnies awards are a fan-based recognition of achievements in the tabletop gaming industry. The update also mentions various announcements and expansions related to games showcased at Gen Con.
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Corvus Belli has announced Warcrow, a new fantasy setting and miniatures game. The showed off a teaser trailer that was more of a logo reveal and a timeline for releases. The first release will be a dungeon crawling game in the Warcrow setting followed next year by the full miniatures wargame. Stockholm Kartell, creators of Mork Borg, revealed a new game available for preorder.

Death In Space is a rules-lite dark adventure game of scavenging and surviving in the dark void of space with your only home being your spaceships and your only family is your crew. It is available for pre-order now which gets you the PDF version right away. The release date is April 26th.

Cortex Prime has posted a redux on their license for community generated content and mods. This was followed by an FAQ from Fandom Tabletop community manager Mellie Doucette. The new 2.0 license makes a distinction between commercial and non- commercial licenses. Anything made under the non-commercial license must be available for free, this 2.0 version carves out exceptions for tip jars and pay-what-you-want options, both features that are part of the most popular community platforms.

TSR3 is selling leatherbound volumes of the original Dungeons and Dragons 1E books. They will cost you $650 each and feature gold ink on the cover and the classic wizard head logo which they have no right to use. With the pending litagation from Wizards of the Coast, it is odd they see this as good move.

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