Memento mori.” (Remember you will die.)
-the famous phrase whispered in the ear of a victorious general during a triumph
“Shut the f**k up.”
-the less famous response

With hanami (cherry blossom viewing) still fresh in their minds, Wayne and Lyal discuss festivals and the questions you need to ask yourself when including them in your game. We also discuss Savage Rifts (guitar riff), the game that threatens to break the Internet.

1 thought on “Episode 190: Festivals

  1. Hey, guys! Enjoyed the shout-out about the Savage Rifts project. It’s been one of the most challenging design tasks I’ve ever undertaken, and I am pretty thrilled with what we’ve got going so far.

    If I may be so bold, I submit that this iteration of Savage Worlds just might tempt you, after all. It’s going to be over-the-top, diverse, exciting… and there’s lots of gadgets and guns.

    ~ SPF

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