Highlander Cinematic Adventure: Evil Genius Games has released a “Cinematic Adventure” for its Everyday Heroes RPG, based on the Highlander movie franchise. Written by Sigfried Trent with an adventure designed by Ree Soesbee, the adventure focuses on the first Highlander film and introduces a few subclasses and a unique dueling mechanic for Immortal characters. While it doesn’t delve deeply into the lore of Highlander, it offers a fun RPG experience.

Terraforming Mars AI Art Controversy: Publisher Stronghold Games has faced some backlash from fans after using AI-generated content, such as artwork, in an upcoming board game expansion for Terraforming Mars. Some backers were surprised by the use of AI tools for art creation, and Kickstarter now requires creators to justify their use of AI in projects. Concerns are raised about the potential impact of AI-generated art on artists’ job opportunities in the industry.

Monsters! Monsters! 2.7 on Kickstarter: Ken St. Andre and Steven Crompton have launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Monsters! Monsters! Rules 2.7 & Crystal Caves Challenge solo,” an expanded RPG rulebook and adventure. The project offers various books, standees, maps, and adventures, exploring the world of Zimrala with a focus on monsters. It’s the latest installment in the Monsters! Monsters! series, offering a comprehensive rulebook for fans of the RPG.

Larry Elmore’s Complete Elmore Volume III: Larry Elmore, a renowned fantasy artist, has announced the third and final volume of his career retrospectives, titled “The Complete Elmore III: Highlights of a Path Well Traveled.” This hardcover book will feature over 300 pieces of art, some previously unpublished, and will put the artwork front and center with minimal commentary. It’s available exclusively through Kickstarter and includes limited-time offers for previous volumes and additional artwork.

Bill Willingham, the creator of the popular comic series Fables, has made a surprising announcement by releasing the entire franchise into the public domain. This decision stems from a deteriorating relationship with DC Comics, with whom he had a long-standing agreement for Fables. Willingham cites various issues with DC, including disputes over contracts and creative control, as reasons for this move. While his contracts with DC remain in force, he believes he can legally relinquish his ownership of Fables, allowing anyone to create new works using the series’ characters and settings. This decision reflects his desire for more equitable intellectual property laws and his frustration with DC’s practices. It also adds to the ongoing discussion about how major comics publishers treat their creators, highlighting issues of compensation and creative control in the industry. The impact of this bold move on Fables’ future and how DC will respond remains uncertain.

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Evil Genius Productions is bring us the spiritual successor to d20 Modern with its Everyday Heroes RPG headed to Kickstarter on May 17th. Jeff Grub, an original co-creator of d20 Modern is also involved. This time the system will be using 5E D&D instead of 3rd edition and will also include licensed IPs with what they are calling Cinematic Adventures. This will included adventures for Highlander; John Carpenter’s Escape from New York; Roland Emmerich’s Universal Soldier; Rambo: First Blood, First Blood Part 2, and Rambo 3; Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall; The Crow; Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim; and Kong: Skull Island. Quite a list of fan favorites! Is now the time to bring back this idea and give 5E the out of the dungeon, car chases and gun play that a fantasy setting lacks? Download the Quickstart and the Lookbook of classes on their website.

Restoration Games is working with 9th Level Games to bring us a tabletop RPG of their Return to Dark Tower revival setting. From the amount of work put into the new edition of the boardgame it makes sense to use that material for something else. The game will be focused on procedurally generated dungeon-crawling and the campaigns will be short. The system will be the Mazes- RPG system that involves rolling d4, d6, d8 or d10 and using the actions Books, Boots, Blades or Bones. The artwork and setting for Return to Dark Tower look amazing so this may be a game worth looking at. It will be hitting Kickstarter soon. Just one question, where the heck is my copy of Return to Dark Tower? Nothing has shown up yet.

The Free League Blade Runner RPG campaign is live in the first 48 hours became a million dollar baby. That really isn’t surprising due to the popularity of the IP but as we mentioned before: was crowdfunding really necessary? The campaign looks similar to the One Ring second edition with a core rulebook and starter set bundle. There is also a limited edition faux leather and holographic cover and stretch goals are unlocking a gamemaster screen and other accessories. The Year Zero Engine is used again with adjustments made to fit the setting and investigation heavy mechanics. Will you be able to hold on to your humanity or realize that those unicorn dreams were just B-roll from the movie Legend? Oh, and that you are a replicant.

And finally, further proof that Games Workshop has completely abandoned Japan. This time it is undeniable. Big mistake. Guess the Japanese Yen just isn’t strong enough for them to care.
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