Roll20 has acquired Demiplane, a character management and creation toolset, to enhance its virtual tabletop (VTT) platform. This acquisition aims to create a seamless user experience for tabletop RPG players, allowing them to buy RPG content, manage characters, and play games in one place. Roll20 CEO Ankit Lal emphasized the goal of connecting gamers and providing a comprehensive digital toolkit for various game systems. Demiplane’s integration will support new game systems and Kickstarter campaigns with digital options. Demiplane CEO Peter Romenesko mentioned efforts to merge the two platforms’ features. The acquisition won’t immediately impact users, but Demiplane’s development team, minus executive Adam Bradford, will stay intact. Bradford has joined SmiteWorks, the owner of Fantasy Grounds, as Chief Development Officer.

Steamforged Games has acquired the Iron Kingdoms universe, including the Warmachine wargame, Formula P3 paints, and the Iron Kingdoms RPG series, from Privateer Press. This acquisition aims to enhance the gaming experience for players through a collaboration between Steamforged and Privateer Press on design and development. Steamforged, known for its successful game development, plans to transition the range to its website, ensuring a smooth changeover while honoring existing orders. The acquisition is expected to strengthen the miniature gaming community, with continued support for related events and upcoming releases, including a Kickstarter for the Iron Kingdoms RPG.

Meta has confirmed that it uses public Instagram images to train its AI image generator, sparking outrage among users, especially artists. Many are considering leaving Instagram due to this and the platform’s declining reach. Despite the backlash, opting out is complicated and mainly available to EU users. Superstar artist J. Scott Campbell advised artists to remain on major platforms like Instagram for business growth, though he has joined the artist-friendly platform Cara. Cara promises to filter out AI-generated content and offers an alternative for those concerned about AI’s ethical issues. Campbell also suggests artists build direct connections with their audience through mailing lists.

SmiteWorks, the developer behind the virtual tabletop software Fantasy Grounds, has hired Adam Bradford as its Chief Development Officer. Bradford, known for founding D&D Beyond and leading Demiplane, brings significant experience to his new role. At SmiteWorks, he will focus on expanding Fantasy Grounds’ market presence, enhancing user engagement, and improving user experience. Doug Davison, President of SmiteWorks, expressed confidence in Bradford’s ability to drive growth and innovation. Bradford is enthusiastic about contributing to the success of Fantasy Grounds and aims to modernize its visual identity.

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Wizards of the Coast, the Dungeons & Dragons publisher, aims to prevent racist, bigoted, and transphobic work from being published. Citing concerns over racist and transphobic material, Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast is trying to take back an old game to prevent its publication. Star Frontiers New Genesis, is a reboot of a classic 1982 game with some very problematic content. NuTSR just won’t learn. Or is this some 4D chess move to get free publicity? Keep an eye out for their legal funds crowdfunder.

With the announcement of the new walled garden of One D&D, independent designers are looking toward a future divested from the weight of D&D. Many believe the tabletop RPG, lifestyle brand, and massive culture juggernaut will keep rolling under its own inertia creating Hasbro shareholder happiness. The sooner they can stop trying to compare themselves to that continued success or worry about capturing part of that fan base, the easier their jobs will become. SRDs, or whatever their next form might look like, may provide fledgling artists waystones through an open field instead of fence posts around private property. Several indie designers gave their input on the state of tabletop roleplaying and the future of platforms like the DM’s Guild.

Vallejo’s entry into the speed painting trend was recently demonstrated with their new Xpress Color paints. Vallejo is known for great paints already, so it’s interesting to see them going this route with a more contrast-style paint. Now we can see how it works and what it can offer in terms of a one-coat solution that sets it apart from the rest. More alternatives are always better. The paints were developed in part by Angel Giraldez and Juan Hidalgo. They will definitely cost less than Citadel Contrast Paints but how will they compare to Army Painter’s Speed Paint and the upcoming release by Green Stuff World?

Instead of complaining about Games Workshop let’s bring some attention to a worthy competitor and look at what is coming out from Mantic Games. Two new army updates, a giant tome collecting all of the updated rules and new styles of play for Kings of War and a new app to make all their games more accessible. If they can just resist the temptation of a monthly subscription they may be onto something. Check these guys out if you like good rule systems and minis that don’t break the bank.
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Intro song is “Chips” by KokoroNoMe