Tuomas Pirinen, the creator of Mordheim, is looking to bring a brand-new 32mm game to the tabletop soon. Trench Crusade is going to be a brutal, grimdark skirmish game set in an alternative version of our own world around the time of World War I. The collaborative effort has been in the works for around six months and Pirinen is working alongside Mike Franchina and James Sheriff to bring this world to life on the tabletop. With a pedigree in such a stunning skirmish game like Mordheim, it made sense for Pirinen to be involved in designing a new skirmish game.

Hasbro’s eOne revealed the Dungeons & Dragons Adventures FAST Channel, a new 24-hour D&D content streaming service, coming in summer 2023, as reported by Variety.

The new channel is Hasbro’s latest attempt to capitalize on the success of the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie. It will be an ad-supported, free to use streaming service that will be entirely dedicated to D&D. Some of shows featured on this service will include original series such as Encounter Party (based on the podcast of same name), Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! (improv comedy show), and Heroes’ Feast (cooking competition show). There will also be older content, like the classic Dungeons & Dragons animated series that originally aired from 1983 to 1985, as well as live gameplay content from top D&D creators and influencers.

Mantic Games have fired up their newest venture for you to sign up for and get involved with. If you’re interested in 3D Printing then you might want to delve into the newly revealed Mantic Vault. The Vault is very similar to other options out there for 3D Printing fans. You can sign up and get access to a monthly bundle of miniatures that are inspired by a variety of the games that Mantic Games produce. For example, during this month you can get your hands on two different fleets for Armada plus some miniatures for Kings Of War’s Halflings and Riftforged Orcs.

Steamforged Games recently slashed one-third of its workforce in a recent round of redundancies. They told Dicebreaker that the losses were part of a “restructure”, but those affected say it goes deeper. According to an anonymous former worker speaking to Dicebreaker via interview, nearly 20 employees at the high-profile board game publisher were told in early March their jobs would be lost to redundancies. The cuts reportedly hit every department, from design to 3D modelling and brand management, and predominantly affected newer hires who had worked at Steamforged Games less than two years.

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Wizards of the Coast, the Dungeons & Dragons publisher, aims to prevent racist, bigoted, and transphobic work from being published. Citing concerns over racist and transphobic material, Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast is trying to take back an old game to prevent its publication. Star Frontiers New Genesis, is a reboot of a classic 1982 game with some very problematic content. NuTSR just won’t learn. Or is this some 4D chess move to get free publicity? Keep an eye out for their legal funds crowdfunder.

With the announcement of the new walled garden of One D&D, independent designers are looking toward a future divested from the weight of D&D. Many believe the tabletop RPG, lifestyle brand, and massive culture juggernaut will keep rolling under its own inertia creating Hasbro shareholder happiness. The sooner they can stop trying to compare themselves to that continued success or worry about capturing part of that fan base, the easier their jobs will become. SRDs, or whatever their next form might look like, may provide fledgling artists waystones through an open field instead of fence posts around private property. Several indie designers gave their input on the state of tabletop roleplaying and the future of platforms like the DM’s Guild.

Vallejo’s entry into the speed painting trend was recently demonstrated with their new Xpress Color paints. Vallejo is known for great paints already, so it’s interesting to see them going this route with a more contrast-style paint. Now we can see how it works and what it can offer in terms of a one-coat solution that sets it apart from the rest. More alternatives are always better. The paints were developed in part by Angel Giraldez and Juan Hidalgo. They will definitely cost less than Citadel Contrast Paints but how will they compare to Army Painter’s Speed Paint and the upcoming release by Green Stuff World?

Instead of complaining about Games Workshop let’s bring some attention to a worthy competitor and look at what is coming out from Mantic Games. Two new army updates, a giant tome collecting all of the updated rules and new styles of play for Kings of War and a new app to make all their games more accessible. If they can just resist the temptation of a monthly subscription they may be onto something. Check these guys out if you like good rule systems and minis that don’t break the bank.
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Intro song is “Chips” by KokoroNoMe