Leyline Press announced the launch of Salvage Union, a post-apocalyptic Mech tabletop roleplaying game, on December 1st, 2023, which raised £110,000 in Kickstarter. Salvage Union is launching with three full adventure modules. We Were Here First! By ENNIE award winner Diogo Noguiera (Hall of the Blood King, Primal Quest ), Rainmaker by ENNIE award winner Luke Gearing (A Pound of Flesh, Fever Swamp), and False Flag by Panayiotis Lines and Aled Lawlor of Leyline Press. 

Flesh and Blood crowned a new world champion in Barcelona on November 17th, 2023, with Alexandros Argyriou winning a $100,000 prize. The have also self-produced a documentary about their four years of business and success in the TCG industry. Store to Stage: The Evolution of Flesh and Blood TCG is a 17-minute video shot and produced by the LA-based MYLES and currently available on YouTube. It tracks the last 12 months of the TCG’s history by following members of the community who are active in the pro play circuit, fan events and the general culture surrounding Flesh and Blood.

Steamforged Games announced a new cooperative game titled Dark Souls: The Board Game – The Sunless City with refreshed rules driven by community feedback. 

Roll20 announced the Roll20 Jumpgate project, which is a major reworking of the lowest level of the engine code that powers the VTT platform.

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Roll20 and OneBookShelf have announced a joint venture that will involve some management shuffling and give you access to all PDFs in the Roll20 VTT… eventually. Not as earth-chattering as some people are making it out to be. It feels more like an excuse to bully smaller publishers that want access to customers and tart yourself up for your eventual buyout by Wizards of the Coast. Good luck with that. This adds convenience but at what cost to the employees, designers and customers of these games. Oh, and did I mention it will also kill the now redundant Astral VTT? It’s just the beginning of a much bigger mess. Roll20 took 10 years to add basic quality of life features to their platform and OBS has the worst backend of any online sales platform. A match made in heaven.

The latest official adventure for Troika! is now on Kickstarter. The Big Squirm is a hard-boiled mystery about speculative worm trading. Players are private detectives and in an open sandbox adventure with a series of clues to uncover by any means necessary. Written by Luke Gearing, previously of Acid Death Fantasy, it will be a 100-page hardcover book with over 40 pieces of art by Andrew Walter and of course published by the Melsonion Arts Council.

Miss White Boy Summer? Well now we have the Summer of 2d20. Modiphius is promoting the release of their 2d20 SRD with a sale of all of their published 2d20 systems in both physical and digital form. The sale is 20% off and includes games like Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures, Fallout the Roleplaying Game, Dishonored, Infinity, Conan, John Carter of Mars, Mutant Chronicles, and Achtung! It runs for 48 hours starting July 20th which they have officially named 2d20 Day. In addition to all that, there will a collaboration with Mōdiphiüs xStartplaying.Games, the group finding platform for VTTs All participating Gamemasters who run a 2d20 game with at least two verified players during this period will be entered into a random draw to win one prize of $1,000 USD to spend on the Modiphius webstore, and three players can win one of three $100 USD Did you notice the theme with the number twenty in all that? Marketing!

And finally, proof that Stockholm Kartell’s hit TTPRG isn’t just and art project that escaped to your tabletop. Mork Borg: Barebones Edition is now available for FREE. It is all the text of the original yellow book with the art and much of the graphic design removed. The PDF is available on Johan Nohr’s Itch.io page as Pay what you want. Hopefully, he had the task of dismantling his beautiful doom metal art masterpiece himself so that it maintained some of the wonderful feel of the full volume edition.
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