Paizo has released the Starfinder Second Edition Playtest, which includes a 264-page softcover playtest rulebook. The rulebook features new content, six classes, new ancestries, feats, spells, equipment system, and more, using Pathfinder Second Edition rules as a foundation. Two playtest adventures, “A Cosmic Birthday” and “Empires Devoured,” are also introduced, each designed to showcase the new Second Edition rules and create narrative-driven experiences. The playtest materials will be available for free in PDF format at launch.

Free League Publishing has unveiled its 2024 games slate, including two new games and 11 RPG expansions. The new games are Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars (a tabletop miniatures skirmish game) and The Electric State Roleplaying Game. RPG expansions include titles for Alien RPG, Mutant: Year Zero, Blade Runner RPG, Ruins of Symbaroum, The One Ring RPG, and more.

Free RPG Day 2024 is scheduled for June 22, 2024, featuring RPG adventures, previews, exclusives, and accessories from various companies like Renegade Game Studios, Paizo, WizKids, and more.

Cool Mini or Not and Knight Models are set to launch two new Game of Thrones wargames, “A Song of Ice And Fire: Tactics” and “Game of Thrones Miniature Game.” The games offer different gameplay styles, including massed battles and strategic skirmish wargaming. Knight Models emphasizes detailed miniatures, while CMON introduces a playable diorama with a giant dragon, Drogon, as a centerpiece in its crowdfunding campaign.

Modiphius is releasing Fallout: Factions Nuka-World, a versus skirmish game set in the Fallout universe.

The game features customizable gang-members, standard d10 dice, and a streamlined resolution system.

Players aim to control Nuka World, engaging in fast-paced player-versus-player games with ongoing narrative development.

Joe Manganiello confirms that the proposed live-action Dragonlance project is not moving forward.

The project faced obstacles, including Hasbro’s sale of eOne studio and the poor performance of a Dragonlance D&D adventure and board game in 2022. Despite positive feedback on the script, efforts to revive the project, including Manganiello’s attempt to buy the rights, have not succeeded, but he remains optimistic about potential future developments.

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Dungeons & Dragons executive director Kyle Brink spoke with the “Bob the WorldBuilder” YouTube channel, continuing a series of appearances to rehabilitate D&D’s image in the wake of the OGL controversy. During the interview, Bob asked about the prospect of a Dark Sun revival, a dark post-apocalyptic setting that focused on scarce resources and moral ambiguity.

FrogGames announced a forthcoming new licensed Japanese edition of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, the mythic fantasy RPG created by Greg Stafford and first published by Chaosium in 1978. Hobby Japan translated and sold a portion of RuneQuest 3rd Edition from 1987 to 1994. At the time, the game was even more popular in the Japanese market than Dungeons & Dragons and it still has many fans in Japan and abroad. FrogGames’s announcement has been well-received by TTRPG fans in Japan.

Black Chrome is now available for purchase. The Tech and Style Guide for Cyberpunk RED can be found in physical form via our webstore and digital via DriveThruRPG. If you prefer to purchase it through your local game store or other vendor of choice, we are currently shipping copies to distributors and retailers who have ordered the book. We hope to begin seeing it in United States stores by the end of March. If you are a retailer looking to directly order from us, please visit our retailer page. Stores outside the United States will take longer.

Paizo announced Starfinder Enhanced on social media and its official website February 28th, saying the 192-page hardcover book will contain “totally revised fundamentals” alongside new systems player options. The studio put specific emphasis on the revised core classes – Envoy, Solarian, Technomancer and Witchwarper – which have been fundamentally rebalanced for ease of play and to bring them more in line with design sensibilities reflected in the more recently published classes.

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Intro song is “Chips” by KokoroNoMe