Our 100th episode! WizKids is creating a Dungeons and Dragons line of paints and miniatures on sprues, supposedly system agnostic. They are targeted at beginners, but will they cannibalize their pre-painted offerings? Unearthed Arcana is now officially off D&D Beyond. This previously served to circulate playtest materials, but it may have created more controversy for WotC than it was worth. Finally, we discuss the odd offering that is Warhammer+ It is a costly venture that Games Workshop has zero experience in doing well. Their previous apps and video content would not command a subscription price. So what is the motive? Leaving physical products to license an IP or making yourself appealing to Hasbro for sale? Only the heretical forces of the immaterium know!
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Dungeon Degenerates Fourth Printing:


Modiphius has released two new supplements for their Infinity RPG based on the Corvus Belli miniatures wargame. The Haqqislam and Ariadna now have books that focus on these factions in the Infinity universe. We will be review this system and the new supplements in an upcoming podcast. Nick has been designing a giant mech combat game that he recently playtested. Both Nick and Jeremy have been livestreaming their miniature painting and also playing some Aristeia, another Corvus Belli game in the Infinity universe, on Tabletop Simulator.