In our first interview episode, we talk to Tony and Faon Grandinetti, two members of the creative team behind Emergence, a fantasy and SF RPG on Kickstarter. This may be the first game spawned in traffic.

You can find Emergence on Kickstarter, and make sure to check out the Emergence website for more information on the world of Kython. 

Oh, Lyal! Lyal messed up the audio. Apologies if it doesn’t sound crystal clear.

2 thoughts on “Episode 91: Interview: Emergence RPG

  1. A smart, engaging and great psodact! Couldn’t agree more with your guest. There are few movies today that will be classics 20+ years from now. I can name more movies I hated rather than ones I loved. Hollywood only makes movies that make money, even if they are horrible. Look forward to many more psodacts, maybe invite Anderson to be guest.

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