Steamforged Games and Kobold Press have teamed up to develop a new Starter Set for the Tales of the Valiant 5E Fantasy RPG, a project building upon the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules. While details about the contents of the set are currently scarce, the collaboration aims to enhance the introductory experience for new players. Both companies are renowned in the tabletop gaming industry, and their joint effort seeks to make tabletop roleplaying more accessible.

Ninja Division, a miniatures game publisher, has filed for bankruptcy, leaving thousands of Kickstarter backers without their pledged rewards.

Daggerheart, a beginner-friendly fantasy RPG from Critical Role’s Darrington Press, has launched its public playtest, offering players a chance to experience its original gameplay mechanics before its full release in 2025.

Awaken Realms withdrew AI-generated promotional images for its Puerto Rico 1897 Special Edition crowdfunding campaign after Ravensburger, the game’s licensor, intervened. The campaign faced criticism for its use of AI-generated artwork. Despite this setback, the campaign replaced the images with a blurred version of the box cover from a previous release of Puerto Rico 1897 and a plastic sculpt of a ship. The remaining campaign imagery featured photography from Awaken Realms’ previous project with Ravensburger, Castles of Burgundy.

Renegade Game Studio revived Heroscape with a new master set and starter kit, addressing past failures in the game’s relaunch by offering lower-priced options and emphasizing organized play. The new releases for Heroscape include both painted and unpainted miniatures, providing options for players and collectors alike.

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