Games Workshop is retiring many old Space Marine units from Warhammer 40,000, making way for the newer Primaris Space Marines. This move has upset some players who invested in the older models, but Games Workshop’s focus is on growing the Primaris range. Games Workshop reports record revenue, profits, and dividends in its annual report for the year 2023. The company remains committed to continuous development of its intellectual property and expanding its global reach.

Paizo partners with Mirrorscape, an extended reality (XR) tabletop gaming platform, to bring Pathfinder and Starfinder into augmented reality. Players can now experience these games in a more immersive and interactive way using mobile devices. Set to launch on iOS and Android on July 25th, Mirrorscape is already generating buzz among tabletop roleplaying gamers. It offers a truly immersive experience where players can interact with game pieces, terrains, and miniatures in realistic 3D, no matter their location. This innovative technology has received positive coverage from major outlets like Wired, Wargamer, GamesRadar, and Dicebreaker.

CJ Leung, known for the @DontStopThinking YouTube channel, is launching a new tabletop RPG called “Cloudbreaker Alliance” on Kickstarter. It is an anime-inspired fantasy RPG with a unique combat system and a focus on strategic gameplay.

Candela Obscura announces its second chapter with new players, including Brennan Lee Mulligan and Marisha Ray, exploring a new narrative unrelated to the first season. The horror RPG series will have a five-hour cinema premiere in select theaters.

DriveThruRPG updates its policy to ban content primarily written by AI language generators, acknowledging the challenge of enforcement. The platform trusts its community to offer unique works primarily based on human creativity.

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OneBookShelf and Roll20 have made a deal to offer Dms Guild content on Roll20. This will increase the amount of fan-made content available to dungeon masters tremendously. Is this also the beginning of Wizards of the Coast focusing on Roll20 for a possible acquisition? They seem to doing a bit of that these days. OneBookShelf updated their Conduct Guidelines for publishers and have rubbed a lot of creators on DriveThruRPG the wrong way. It includes limitations to external linking and price controls as well as focus on Hostile Marketing. Which is vaguely defined as any type of promotion that courts controversy or bad press for OBS. Chris is not happy and we will find out why!

Alice is Missing, the text message based TTPRG created by a producer from Critical Role, has been optioned by Paramount. GenCon should be prepared to move to California and be overrun by scouts and producers from Hollywood to find the “next big thing” to make into a movie. Creative bankruptcy or trend chasing? TTRPG designers better start moving to LA and finding agents. Keyforge is back with new ownership.

Keyforge, the card game that went on hiatus during the pandemic has been purchased Asmodee by Ghost Galaxy, a company run by former Fantasy Flight CEO, Christian T. Petersen. They are bringing along some of the principals involved in the games production so things may be able to pick up where they left off. This should be good news for fans of the unique decks built by software card game. And finally, someone has created a competitor to by making an exact copy of the website right down to the CSS and stealing the games being sold there. They want to offer an alternative to creators that want to include NFTs and blockchain in their games. The response to these thieves will make your non-native English speaking day.
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