Visual artists are taking legal action against AI companies for using their artwork without consent. Artists like Kelly McKernan are concerned that AI-generated images similar to their styles are being created using their names without permission. They are suing AI companies for copyright infringement. The U.S. Copyright Office is seeking public input on AI and copyright issues, including how AI models use copyrighted data, whether AI-generated material can be copyrighted, and how copyright liability works with AI.

There is a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) called “Coffee & Chaos” by CobblePath Games, where characters run a café instead of going on traditional adventures. It uses a cutlery-based system and focuses on storytelling and humor. Instead of creating new characters, Coffee & Chaos walks players through the process of translating their fantasy hero’s abilities, spell, stats and weapons into food service-apporpriate talents. The wizard can levitate ingredients from the top shelf, the bard can calm the rush of customers impatiently waiting for the fighter to subdue the mimic masquerading as a milk steamer.

Modiphius Entertainment is releasing pre-order items for their TTRPG “Dreams and Machines,” including player guides, game master guides, toolkits, dice sets, and collector’s slipcases.

A new campaign for the RPG “Tales from the Loop” called “They Grow Up So Fast” is released, offering a magical year of adventures in an alternate 80s setting. The campaign consists of four adventures and takes place in the UK Loop of Norfolk Broads.

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Role has been actively adding new games to its catalog of digital offerings focusing on small to mid-sized games. There are popular branded TTRPGs like Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and common favorites like Masks: The Next Generation. Indie darlings like Lancer and Mörk Borg are also fully supported, meaning there are pre-made digital character sheets and game rooms created to help facilitate gameplay. There is also the option to create your own game within the framework, or put your own game up on the site for purchase via Role’s quickly-expanding creator’s program. Role has worked on its own game, Chrome, a cyberpunk RPG based on the Panic Engine, which is fully digital. All of this will be supported on mobile.

Demiplane is working on a new set of digital tools to ease the burden of playing tabletop RPGs online that scrubs as much of Dungeons & Dragons’ recent stink off as possible. Called NEXUS, the toolset trades Wizards of the Coast’s name recognition for shining light on independent publishers.

The [Core Fantasy Roleplaying] is backward-compatible with 5th edition and can be used in conjunction with any existing 5E material. Since this document does not include class options— which will start rolling out in Playtest Packet #2—creating a complete character from scratch using the rules found in this packet will require the use of an existing 5E base class.

Broken Weave by Cubicle7 is a 5E post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy. The gods are dead, the world is being reshaped by Decay, and hope is fleeting, though not extinguished. With new mechanics for Hope, Decay, keeping your community up, harvesting monsters, and more, this is the dark side of fantasy.

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Intro song is “Chips” by KokoroNoMe