Wizards of the Coast has announced a new “Iconic Party” for their official Japanese release of Dungeons and Dragons, set to come out later in 2023. The new party was revealed by the official Wizards D&D JP account as part of the localization effort for the D&D Essentials Kit. The party was designed by artist Chomoran, and has already caused excitement within the community.

More and more Games Workshop looks to be trying to remove the individual creators from everything they produce. From codex books and game systems, right down to their presenters and tutorials, identities have become non-existent in Nottingham. It seems like GW has made their painting team even more generic than ever before, as they are taking out any recognition for the artists in their tutorials, and you can only see the creator’s hands

It is with great pride and pleasure that Dream Pod 9 launches our Heavy Gear 4th Edition Roleplaying Game Kickstarter. Writing and basic layout of the Heavy Gear 4th Ed RPG Rulebook is complete with a massive 480 page count. But it still needs tons of new artwork, hence the reason for the Kickstarter. Our goal is to raise the money for new artwork, and pay for the work done so far. Heavy Gear is a science fiction franchise produced by Dream Pod 9. The first edition of the beloved roleplaying game debuted in 1995 and has since expanded to include many other products including the Heavy Gear Blitz tabletop wargame and hundreds of pewter, resin and plastic miniatures for the game.

VAGABOND is a “lean-and-mean” tabletop roleplaying game, laser-focused on practical play with a modern TTRPG feel. Drawing inspiration from Medieval romance, dungeon synth, and the litany of dungeon crawlers to come before it, VAGABOND is a hybrid tabletop roleplaying game that blends old school utility with modern TTRPG character expression and sensibilities. It also takes inspiration from both Eastern and Western influences, with the potential for a Goblin Gunslinger to be delving a mummy’s tomb alongside a Harpy Dancer in search of the fabled Excalibur. 

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Broken Token fires half of their staff as “necessary changes” after a string of contract withdrawals based on accusations of power abuse by former employees against the CEO. He has also stepped away from his position. Duncan Rhodes, the former face of Warhammer painting tutorials, has moved out on his own and along with a YouTube channel is now releasing a new line of paints, named for his recurring advice of “Two Thin Coats”. Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Forgotten Realms, is releasing a new setting for 5E called Tanares. Avatar Legends has a massively successful Kickstarter that has now reached around $10million. Is this a huge success for Magpie Games or have they bitten of more then they can chew? The expectations of backers and the realities of production need to be balanced, but has this project already gotten away from them? #brokentoken #duncanrhodes #magpiegames #tanares #avatarlegends

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