In this two-part episode, we review Numenera and 13th Age. This episode focuses on Kickstarter sensation Numenera. Should you buy it?

It should be noted that these reviews are based on reading the books, not playing the games. After these reviews, we’ve decided to make one our next game. It should be clear which one after listening to both parts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 131: Review: Numenera & 13th Age Part 1

  1. Your review was interesting guys. Listening to the list of recent rpgs you liked it sounded like all of you were fans of rules light narrative rpgs, (Fate/Marvel). Your review of Numenera, however seemed to focus around what was left out of the game that would only serve to make the game more complex. I think the game is atleast as complex as Fate, and all the stuff left out serves to allow the gm and players to add and be more narrative.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for listening.

    I guess it didn’t come across, but I agree with you: the rules were fine for the most part. My issues were with the setting. If you listen to God-Machine or Blood and Smoke, you can hear Wayne and Chris make the opposite complaint: too many rules. Goldilockses gonna Goldilock.

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