Modiphius is holding a clearance sale before transferring the license for the Conan Roleplaying Game to Monolith. All physical and digital content from Modiphius will be discontinued on June 30th. While many physical books for the game have sold out, PDF copies of all the books are still available. The Conan Roleplaying Game has been well-received with various supplements and accessories released alongside the core rules. There is also a Quickstart Adventure available for those interested.

Modiphius, known for their official tabletop RPGs for Dune, Fallout, and Star Trek, is venturing into a new concept called Dreams and Machines. This post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG aims to attract curious players with a starter set, making it more accessible. Pre-orders for Dreams and Machines are open on Modiphius’ website, and the game will be showcased at Gen Con 2023. The TRPG is set on a planet isolated from Earth due to a devastating robotic uprising, where society is slowly rebuilding while living in fear of dormant mecha known as Wakers.

Cephlofair Games has launched a significant crowdfunding campaign called the “Gloomhaven Grand Festival” to fund multiple Gloomhaven-related projects. This includes a new edition of Gloomhaven, a Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game, and a comprehensive miniatures set. The campaign has already raised over $1 million, surpassing half of its $2 million goal. Gloomhaven is a highly acclaimed campaign-style board game known for its dungeon-crawling gameplay. A Kickstarter campaign for its sequel, Frosthaven, previously held the record as the most-funded tabletop Kickstarter, raising nearly $13 million.

Renegade Game Studios, which produces licensed TTRPGs like Transformers, GI Joe, and Vampire: The Masquerade, has issued a cease and desist letter to a small creator using the word “renegade.” The Polyhedral Knights had a Kickstarter campaign for their game called ‘Renegade City,’ which is a tabletop RPG centered around playing criminals using dominoes instead of dice. Renegade Game Studios’ claim to the word ‘renegade’ has sparked controversy and may result in unintended negative consequences, known as the Streisand Effect. The Polyhedral Knights received a letter from Renegade Game Studios’ lawyers demanding the removal of the word ‘Renegade’ from their game’s title.

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Frank Herberts’s Dune in 2020. Galeforce9 holds the right and released an update of the classic boardgame. Modiphius will release a 2d20 variant of a Dune RPG. Denis Villeneuve is directing a remake of the film with Timothée Chalamet in the role of Paul Atreides. Modiphius has released a conversion kit for their 2d20 Conan and John Carter of Mars, if you want more pulp mechanics in your Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of. The Netflix Witcher series is creating a renewed popularity in the CDPR Witcher 3 video game and the physical copies of The Witcher TTRPG by R. Talsorian Games are now sold out. Plenty of coin for your Witcher. The Sisters of Battle Army box can still be found at retail in Japan. Chris will be working on a TTRPG one-shot similar to the Deathwatch adventure we played featuring the Adeptus Sororitas. Lost in Space releases season two on Netflix. The Doctor Smith character is a great way to play a villain in a secret agenda-based TTRPG.

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