Designer Mike Rayhawks initially created BrikWars in 1995 as a legally-distinct clone of Eric O’Dell and R. Todd Ogrin’s playful brick-based Warhammer 40,000 parody, before the game swiftly grew into its own evolving ruleset separate to Lego Wars ahead of its first ‘definitive’ release in 1997.In the decades since, BrikWars has gone through a number of revisions and editions released for free online, as well as spinning out into the faster, simpler QuikWars. Its latest ruleset was released in 2020. While past iterations of the game have been released as printable PDFs, BrikWars’ upcoming physical rulebook will mark the first time that the ever-changing ruleset has been solidified in an official retail release. Publisher Modiphius rather knowingly describes the upcoming RPG as “absolutely, definitely the definitive” edition of BrikWars.

Target stores are set to welcome a new addition to their shelves, as Catalyst Game Labs introduces a new BattleTech boxed set, BattleTech: Essentials. This Beginner Box experience provides new players with everything they need to join the world of BattleTech, including two of Solaris’ most iconic ’Mechs, the Legend-Killer and Yen-Lo-Wang, a mapsheet depicting a Game World arena, and quick-start rules to get players right into the action. Available exclusively through Target stores and on, BattleTech: Essentials can be pre-ordered now, with an estimated shipping date of Sunday, June 18. The boxed set will also be available in Target’s more than 1,900 U.S. stores nationwide on that day.

Board game publisher Mythic Games caused controversy this weekend, when it asked Kickstarter backers to pay an additional contribution of up to $129 for the 6: Siege board game. An update explains that extra funding is needed to cover the unexpectedly high costs of making the game.According to the publisher, the unanticipated crises of Covid and the war in Ukraine have caused exploding prices for everything from energy to labour, “and the estimates on which we based ourselves before and during the Kickstarter campaign are absolutely no longer relevant.”

Fantasy Flight Games is stepping into the ring with a new Star Wars-themed trading card game,  Star Wars: Unlimited TCG, to go up against Magic: The Gathering and Disney Lorcana. Called Star Wars: Unlimited, it will launch in 2024 with a full, 200-plus card set and all-new art based on the original trilogy — alongside a full slate of organized play events. Speaking with Polygon ahead of Tuesday’s reveal, co-designer Jim Cartwright readily acknowledged that he and his team would be fighting an uphill battle to earn the hearts of potential players, especially those burned by past experiences with Fantasy Flight’s card game franchises.

Tunnels & Trolls has been picked up by Rebellion, the British publishing house and video game developer behind cult comic book 2000 AD, the Sniper Elite series and its in-house tabletop studio Rebellion Unplugged, which has released multiple board games and RPGs. As well as Tunnels & Trolls, Rebellion acquired all of Flying Buffalo’s roleplaying games, including the Citybook fantasy businesses supplements, Grimtooth series – known for its collections of traps – and the Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes series of contemporary-setting RPGs. Rebellion confirmed its plans to release a new edition of Tunnels & Trolls’ rules and other additional releases, “bringing [the RPG] into a new era”. The studio added that it was “very early on” in development.

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In response to Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Attorney General Office’s transphobic declarations, has put together all of these games in support of trans rights. Wizards of the Coast sues TSR3 for found around their claim to the trademark and the TSR logo. Warlock! by Fire Ruby Designs gets a new addition with some minor changes and a new font, design and artwork! Modiphius releases the Agents of Dune Campaign Experience Box Set, a stand-alone adventure and complete campaign system with many accessories for tracking character progress. The spice must flow. #wotc #dune #warlock! #modiphius

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Dungeons and Dragons is coming to television with an official actual play show. It will be streaming on Twitch and the G4 website as well as the G4 cable channel on November 22. Purging of the Crucible is a new adventure available for the 2d20 Mutant Chronicles RPG. It will be available from Modiphius as a PDF and also shortly available as a print on demand 74-page colour softcover book. Southeast Asian tabletop designers and artists, Centaur Games, behind the A Thousand Thousand Islands have launched a Kickstarter for their first full-length tabletop RPG campaign book, Reach of the Roach God. Paizo President apologies for user data breach. Bundle of Holding revives the August 2016 Tribe 8 Bundle, featuring much of the Tribe 8 product line in beautiful new versions from Dream Pod 9.
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Chaosium Acquires Ctuhlhu Britannica and World War Cthulhu. Modiphius releases an Arrakis sourcebook, Sand and Dust with a starter set coming next year. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the character, Magnetic Press Play will release an RPG based on Lupin III, the classic anime thief. And finally the Goblin Slayer RPG based on the anime will get an English translation. Can America handle it?
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Solo livestream this week! Didn’t we just say how this never happens? I talk about the new double feature from Free League for their Forbidden Lands RPG. Mutant Chronicles is on Humble Bundle with all the available PDFs and STLs! We end on a sad note with the passing of Steve Perrin, the creator of Runequest. Vale and Farewell!
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Five Parsecs from Home is a solo adventure wargame. by Ivan Sorensen. Modiphius is publishing a physical copy of the third edition. Reign in Hell is fast, brutal demonic themed tabletop wargame by Adam Loper and Vince Venturella at Snarling Badger Games. Similar to Warcry and Kill Team even down to using the same size playmats. Both games are minitures agnostic rulesets to play with miniatures and terrain you probably already have. And finally the Star Wars sequel trilogy is sited as an example in a current legal decision, proving the with legal precedence those films do suck.
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We look back at 2020 and all the things that could have been great but had to suffer from our global condition. The Witcher and Tales From the Loop hit TV. Mork Borg and Ironsworn caught our attention as outstanding RPGs. Warcaster: Neo Mechanical by Privateer Press came and went. GenCon 2020 was cancelled along with everything else. The Dead Milkmen released the Lost Tomb of the Bitchin Chimera for 5E. Heroquest was update and released on HasLab. The Quest RPG still has us curious. Cyberpunk Red on the tabletop preceded the unfinished and buggy Cyberpunk 2077 for PC and consoles. This was not the Year of Dune as we previously predicted. Games Workshop releases the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k and really screwed anybody trying to sell their games, but their webstore. Alan Dean Foster was not paid by Disney and thinks Rey should have been a droid. And finally, the KFConsole is the joke that won’t go away.
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Hasbro has revealed their plans to “reprint” Heroquest through their HasLab crowd-funding-like website. Honey & Hot Wax is an anthology of sex-positive roleplaying games. The collection of games varies from 2-player to games needing 6 to 12 players along with a facilitator or two. It is published by Pelgrane Press and was edited by Lucian Kahn and Sharang Biswas with a foreword by Naomi Clark of Consentacle. An open license for creating content for Mork Borg, the award-winning game published by Free League. The latest Adventurer’s League Guide contains new custom racial ability score rules. This gives us a preview of the new rules that Wizards of the Coast will be adding to 5E in the release of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything coming soon. We lament the failure of 2020 as the year of Dune, with only the boardgame reprint being released while the Denis Villeneuve feature film and Modiphius 2d20 system will not be released until next year.

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Heroforge runs a Kickstarter campaign for the 2.0 version of its miniature printing system. Modiphius is publishing a TTRPG version of the Arcane Studios’ Dishonored video game franchise. A photo of the logo for the Denis Villeneuve directed Dune movie was revealed and then immediately enforced with copyright notices to take it down. The second boxed set for Aeronautica Imperialis is being released by Games Workshop featuring the T’au Empire Air Caste called Skies of Fire. Chris combines Thirst and Hunger solo RPGs to make a two-player game for the Two-Player Game Jam.

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Part two of our look back at 2019 and some looking ahead at 2020. This time with Lyal. We talk about Call of Cthulhu Starter Set, solo adventures and our upcoming series reviewing starter boxes for TTPRG systems new and old. The Ragnarok miniatures skirmish game gives us a use for all of those Blood Rage Vikings and monsters. Getting your kids into Star Wars and if the property is still kid-friendly as well as the future of the franchise resting on The Mandalorian. Delivery of Battletech, Trudvang Chronicles and Siege of the Citadel Kickstarters in 2020 (hopefully). Our missed chance to play War Room by Larry Harris over the holidays. #callofcthulhu #chaosium #battletech #ragnarok