Modiphius Entertainment has acquired Strato Minis Studio, a Polish company known for its resin miniatures and games such as Hardwar, Retrobots, and Stratoyager. Modiphius will take over the development of these lines, starting with a re-launch of Hardwar, a 6mm scale miniatures game centered on sci-fi mech, armor, and aerial combat. Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch praised the Strato Minis team for their intricate world-building and expressed plans to expand the game’s audience. The new Hardwar line will be released in stages, including a reprint of the core rules and a free quickstart PDF to help new players.

The CRIT Awards, organized by Ivy, announced on June 24 that their in-person ceremony would not return to Gen Con due to safety concerns. This decision followed social media backlash after the nomination of a performer associated with WafflesMapleSyrup, a studio criticized for its Zionist stance. Omega Jones, the intended host, suggested that Gen Con forced the awards to withdraw due to their anti-Zionist stance. The CRIT Awards emphasized the difficulty of the decision and urged the community to avoid harassment or violence. No official comments were received from Gen Con or CRIT Awards at the time of publication.

The Caverns of Thracia, a legendary mega-dungeon adventure, has successfully raised $352,007, far exceeding its $10,000 goal. The campaign offers both 5E and Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) editions, featuring a rich narrative set in an ancient dungeon filled with formidable foes and numerous secrets. The project supports a full-year campaign with extensive content, including new monsters, magic items, and spells. Stretch goals have expanded the adventure’s scope, and new scenarios and add-ons have been introduced. Backers can choose between classic hardcover or special limited editions with unique cover art and custom dice sets inspired by the adventure’s theme.

Rascal News, an independent TTRPG and culture outlet, is running its first pledge drive to ensure sustainability and support freelance writers. Launched in February, Rascal has grown to 4,150 members, including 1,050 paying subscribers. The drive aims to enable the co-founders to write full-time and commission more freelance content. Subscriber goals range from increasing contributors to attending conventions and launching a podcast. The drive runs from July 1 to August 3, with various events planned to engage the community and attract new subscribers. Rascal remains committed to reader-funded, ad-free journalism and seeks support to continue its unique, voice-driven coverage of the TTRPG world.

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The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game announced a release date for its upcoming tabletop RPG. The officially licensed RPG will release a core rulebook in June 2023, followed by an adventure supplement in July. Both books written by Matt Forbeck and artwork by Iban Coello. The core rulebook will package everything a group needs to create their own superheroes and learn the rules. Marvel Multiverse RPG uses three six-sided dice for its s616 system that is both a nod to the prime Marvel universe and Forbeck’s answer to heroic combat where power levels between characters can vary wildly. There is a free playtest still available before the release.

Moonbreaker, a miniature skirmish game on PC, by Unknown Worlds, the developer of Subnautica, wants to make the ‘world’s best digital miniatures game’. Videogames owe a lot to their tabletop counterparts, especially when it comes to turn-based strategy and tactics, but one of the best parts of fielding armies, gets overlooked in the digital realm: model painting. Moonbreaker is trying to do something that more like real tabletop, but for PC gamers. Following the reveal of the One D&D VTT are digital miniatures going to become a thing?

The Settlers of Catan will become a holographic AR board game. Jeri Ellsworth’s intriguing AR headset will create a new version of Catan, one of the most critically acclaimed board games ever made and one that averages over a million copies sold per year. The boardgame will leap off tabletop thanks to a unique augmented reality gaming system that’s been in development for over a decade now. Tilt Five, a startup founded by a former Valve engineer. The company has already had two Kickstarters and has developed 21 AR games.

eBay is acquiring TCGplayer, one of the largest trading card marketplaces. The online auction website continues its push into collectible trading cards. The deal, worth up to $295 million, marks eBay’s latest push into the growing trading card market, which experienced a huge boom during the pandemic. eBay has already invested a lot into trading cards recently including a sports card valuation service and a temperature controlled vault for buyers and sellers to store their cards. Finally, news NOT about things going digital.

Goodman Games have their flagship range in the Bundle of Holding, but only until September 12th. Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rulebook is back on offer along with introductory modules and expansions. There’s also a new DCC Chaos Rising offer. Both bundles give you fifty Dungeons of amazing Goodman Games RPG value.
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