Publisher Free League Publishing introduces “Replicant Rebellion,” a new expansion for Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game. Based on the films and Philip K. Dick’s novel, the game usually casts players as Blade Runners. This expansion, however, recruits them into the Replicant Underground, a group fighting for Replicant freedom. Players will perform various missions, grappling with ethical dilemmas reminiscent of the original 1982 film and its sequel. The expansion, funded via Kickstarter from May 28th, maintains the franchise’s themes of corporate exploitation and empathy for Replicants.

The tactical sci-fi franchise BattleTech celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new edition of the original board game. Set to release on June 12, it features updated box art, eight miniatures, and various game materials. Preorders are available for $60, with discounts on other BattleTech products. The franchise, which began in 1984, has expanded into various media but remains rooted in its tabletop origins.

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) criticized Adobe’s “skip the photoshoot” ad campaign, accusing it of undermining photographers’ work. In an open letter, ASMP Chair Gabriella Marks emphasized the irreplaceable skill and creativity of photographers, urging Adobe to support the industry rather than diminish it. The letter reflects growing tensions between traditional artistry and AI advancements in digital media.

Outgunned Adventure by 2 Little Mice is inspired by classic pulp adventures like Indiana Jones, is the first Genre Book in the Outgunned Line. Players become adventurers seeking treasures, using the Director’s Cut system with six-sided dice. Following the success of the original Outgunned game, this expansion introduces new “Action Flicks” and supplements, enhancing the cinematic roleplaying experience. The upcoming crowdfunding campaign promises additional content and surprises.

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The film right for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are up for sale. This includes live-action film. merchandise, gaming and live events rights. The owner is the Saul Zantz Company who has owned the rights since 1976 and is also in litigation with Warner Bros over profits from the two trilogies they produced. If Disney secures the rights we may hear some grave turning from the author. Tolkien was not a fan. Amazon is producing a ten episode TV series title Bladerunner 2099. This follows 50 years after the sequel film. Ridley Scott is involved as an executive producer and may also direct. Look forward to every character not knowing they are a replicant. What a twist! Finally, Free League Publishing has announced their organized play program. It will be available worldwide and will annually provide exclusive PDF scenarios for all of their most popular TTRPGs. They promise support for gamemasters on a exclusive forum and support materials for conventions and local game store play.

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Preorders for the Alien RPG by Free League are finally here! We take a look at what you get in the full bundle, the quality of the components and a quick flip through the book.

We played through the PDF of the Cinematic Starter, Charito of the Gods. You can watch the actual play sessions here:

The retail release is December 10th, 2019 if you are interested in getting your own copy.

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Our in-depth review of the Alien RPG Cinematic Starter by Free League. More than 90 minutes of overview, analysis and some spoilers for the free PDF adventure, Chariot of the Gods. We start with a summary of the Year Zero System used in the game and how it differs from previous Free League releases like Forbidden Lands and Mechatron. There are also the stress, consumables and PVP mechanics that are unique to this system and setting. We discuss the use of props and sound effects and their effect on the sessions. We played through the adventure in 4 game sessions that are available on our YouTube and Twitch channels.

If you are curious about the Alien RPG and its system and setting this should give you a very thorough idea of how this game plays and if you want to bring it to your gaming table.

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