In this episode, we discuss time travel and what makes for a good time travel story. We have a mechanic suggestion that can be used in any time travel game and with any system. It’s quite possibly the greatest time travel RPG idea of all time.

We apologize for the sound quality. We messed up the microphone setting, so Wayne and Lyal sound a bit distant. We’ve figured out the problem, so it won’t be problem in future episodes. If only we could go back in time and put it to the correct setting before recording this episode.

Correction: The Adam Sandler movie Chris talks about is called Click, not The Remote. And this is the host you can hear clearly.

4 thoughts on “Episode 29: It’s About Time!

  1. A delightful listen. I’ve had the “What constituents time travel?” argument many, many times (with “A Christmas Carol” often playing a central role).

    I’m the guy who wrote Dread and I stumbled upon this podcast checking out what people are saying about the game. And I’d hate to be the guy who’s like “You need to check out all these other games I did,” but you guys really should check out this other game I did: Time & Temp.

    It’s a game about temp workers (the PCs) who have been hired by a company to police history to ensure no one tries to change what happened. It incorporates your Dread angle into time travel, using a number puzzle instead of Jenga, and hits upon a lot of your points about paradox.

    P.S. I love your logo.

  2. Thanks for listening, THAT guy.

    We’ll definitely have to check out “Time & Temps”. I’m intrigued by the idea of using a number puzzle. It’ll also give us an excuse to revisit this topic in a future episode.

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