Diablo, the iconic video game, is being adapted into a board game and tabletop RPG by Glass Cannon Unplugged. The tabletop versions will delve into Sanctuary’s lore, offering customizable characters battling demons and angels in a dynamic world. The RPG introduces an inner struggle between Light and Darkness, and Glass Cannon seeks community feedback through a survey.

Simon Stålenhag’s art book sequel, The Electric State, is being made into a tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing in cooperation with Skybound Entertainment. Using the Year Zero Engine, it mirrors the narrative of a runaway teen and her robot in a ’90s US dystopia. The Kickstarter campaign kicks off on December 5th.

Edge Studios is finally re-releasing three Star Wars RPG Beginner Games, each catering to different settings. Each kit supports up to seven players and hopefully will contain the long out-of-print dice. The sets will cost $32.99 each.

In a new venture, Hasbro is entering the streaming world with D&D: Adventures, a Free Ad-supported Streaming TV channel launching on November 13th. The channel features original D&D series like Encounter Party, Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!, and Heroes’ Feast, aiming to entertain while bringing the gaming audience into Hasbro’s marketing fold. The preview week starts on November 8th, showcasing “legacy Dungeons & Dragons content.”

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Creators of Dragonlance are developing a new setting called Skyraiders of Abarax. Tracy and Laura Hickman are xreating the awtting using athe 5E SRD and their unique “Living Tome System”. This follows their dropped lawsuit with Wizards of the Coast for non-payment and contract violations. Into the Odd by Chris McDowall is getting a remaster by Free League on Kickstarter. SideQuest hopes to relieve the congestion of ZineQuest and let more creators creating zine based RPGs get attention. Cabinet Group, the rights holder of Conan the Barbarian, Mutant Year Zero and Solomon Kane are being acquired by Norway’s Funcom, develops of the first Conan MMORPG. Funcom is owned completely by China’s Tencent and hopes that they continue their hands-off management style continues. #dragonlance #sidequest #IntotheOdd #CabinetGroup