Hasbro, the owner of Dungeons & Dragons, is reportedly in talks with Tencent for various rights, including electronic game adaptations. The report suggests a potential sale of the Dungeons & Dragons IP, but there are conflicting details. The success of Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3 might have influenced Tencent’s interest in investing in similar projects.

Mythic Games, a crowdfunding-focused board game publisher, faced financial woes and outsourced its remaining projects to CMON. HEL: The Last Saga and Anastyr were sold to CMON due to challenges in completing the projects without additional funding from backers. The backlash from Kickstarter backers, the death threats received by Mythic Games’ co-founders, and the future of the company are all part of the difficulty.

Duncan Jones is working on an animated Rogue Trooper film based on the 2000AD comic strip, using Unreal Engine 5 for animation. The film has finished principal photography, and it is a collaboration between Rebellion, Liberty Films, and Treehouse Digital. A star-studded cast includes Aneurin Barnard, Hayley Atwell, Daryl McCormack, Matt Berry, Sean Bean, and Diane Morgan.

A report from Tabletop Analytics indicates a decline in Kickstarter funding for tabletop games in 2023 for the second consecutive year. The data suggests a 30% decrease in earnings for individual tabletop creators compared to the pre-COVID year of 2019. Kickstarter has not publicly disclosed its data for the first time in almost a decade, and the decline is attributed to factors like crowdfunding fatigue and increased competition. The importance of community management tools and concerns about Kickstarter’s permissive stance on AI generative art are highlighted.

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Creators of Dragonlance are developing a new setting called Skyraiders of Abarax. Tracy and Laura Hickman are xreating the awtting using athe 5E SRD and their unique “Living Tome System”. This follows their dropped lawsuit with Wizards of the Coast for non-payment and contract violations. Into the Odd by Chris McDowall is getting a remaster by Free League on Kickstarter. SideQuest hopes to relieve the congestion of ZineQuest and let more creators creating zine based RPGs get attention. Cabinet Group, the rights holder of Conan the Barbarian, Mutant Year Zero and Solomon Kane are being acquired by Norway’s Funcom, develops of the first Conan MMORPG. Funcom is owned completely by China’s Tencent and hopes that they continue their hands-off management style continues. #dragonlance #sidequest #IntotheOdd #CabinetGroup













Monolith Games cancels the Kickstarter campaign for their new concept, Beyond the Monolith. CMON is working on a new interactive hybrid of technology and physical boardgames called Teburu. Riot Games launches Riot Tabletop, hoping to create a real-life toxic tabletop fanbase modeled on their League of Legends success and paid for with Chinese money. Games Workshop puts Space Marines Adventures in Target stores and Barnes and Noble makes exclusive expansions for it. Fantasy flight shutters their Interactive division. The TTRPG department is also laid off. We still don’t know what this means for their RPG systems and settings.