Modiphius has announced the release of the second edition of Star Trek Adventures, a tabletop roleplaying game originally launched in 2017. The new edition, set to launch at Gen Con 2024, includes a core rulebook and expansions. It remains compatible with first edition supplements. The game allows players to explore the Star Trek universe across different eras, featuring original characters and starships. The second edition introduces diversity with playable non-Federation species and expands gameplay possibilities. Modiphius, in collaboration with Paramount Consumer Products, adds content from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Prodigy. The updated 2d20 System rules maintain authenticity and compatibility with previous supplements.

Ultra PRO plans to release Dungeons & Dragons 50th Anniversary accessories, including Heavy Metal Dice, a Dice Tower, and more, celebrating D&D’s milestone year. The accessories feature a golden color theme and will be available in the summer of 2024. 

Paranoia 25th Anniversary Mega Bundle is available through Humble Bundle, offering a comprehensive collection of rulebooks, sourcebooks, and adventures for the darkly comic sci-fi TTRPG. The bundle supports the charity One Tree Planted.

Renowned board game designer Eric Lang, known for titles like Blood Rage and Rising Sun, has collaborated on a new board game called Life in Reterra. Described as a meatier version of Carcassonne, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players lead communities in a greener Earth. The tile-laying game supports 2-4 players, with each playthrough taking around 35 minutes. Players acquire and place tiles and buildings within their communities, earning points based on placement and fulfilling specific requirements. The game introduces environmentally sustainable living, reusing discarded items for new infrastructure. Life in Reterra is set to release in the US on June 15th at a retail price of $30, with a European release date pending.

In a groundbreaking move, China’s Guangzhou Internet Court issued the world’s first legally binding verdict on copyright infringement by an AI-generated service. The court ruled against an AI company for infringing on Ultraman’s copyright and adaptation rights during generative AI services, holding it liable for civil damages. The defendant’s AI-generated images substantially copied the original Ultraman work without permission. The judgment emphasized the duty of care for generative AI service providers and specified the need for clear user awareness of copyright risks. The court aimed for a balance between rights protection and industry development, ruling that the defendant compensate the plaintiff 10,000 yuan ($1,389).

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Games Workshop has announced with a switcheroo April Fools joke that Squats will be returning to the Warhammer 40k setting. Now called the very trademarkable Leagues Of Votann, these space dwarf miniatures look a bit more generic than their original incarnation. This crosses off another longtime fan request following plastic Sisters of Battle from a fews years back.

Mongoose Publishing will be Kickstarting a new tabletop RPG called Shield Maidens. This original setting will combine Norse mythology with Cyberpunk elements. Players take the role of high technology cyberpunk armor and weaponry equipped women warriors as the Fenrir empire spread, the supply of Ymir’s Blood begins to dwindle and the Ragnarok approaches. The most difficult question to answer is will you play Viking Metal or Synthwave during your gaming session? Maybe both?

Disappointingly, the official Blade Runner TTRPG by Free League will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter this May. This contradicts their approach with the Alien RPG releasing the game directly to retail preorder. We are sure they have their reasons and hopefully the campaign will lead to a larger release than direct to retail would allow. Following The One Ring Second Edition, it is yet another IP that should have a built-in audience that would support it without crowdfunding. Let’s hope it is the best decision and not the beginning of a good publisher starting to lean too heavily on licensed IPs.

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