Roll20, a popular online tabletop gaming platform, is integrating Dungeon Scrawl, a real-time map-making tool, into its features. This integration allows Dungeon Masters to create and incorporate custom maps into their online Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Players can also create maps in real-time as they progress through the game, offering dynamic storytelling opportunities. Dungeon Scrawl provides various customization options, including grid shapes, furniture, and viewing perspectives. While many DMs already use Dungeon Scrawl maps, this integration streamlines the process, making it more accessible. Roll20 also has plans for further enhancements, such as easier map exports and a shared library of user-made maps, though no official timeline is provided.

Rez Nova has released the beta rules for Warzone Eternal. They contain everything needed to try the wargame including stat lines for units. The pledgemanger for the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is also open and isn’t set to close until the end of this year. Warzone is back and the miniatures are coming next year!

Square Enix is releasing a Final Fantasy XIV tabletop RPG starter set in May 2024, allowing players to recreate characters and adventures from the MMORPG in a tabletop format. Additionally, Nagahama Roman Beer Company is launching three Final Fantasy XIV-themed whiskeys inspired by the game’s starting cities.

OpenAI faces a lawsuit from The Authors Guild and several prominent authors, including George R.R. Martin and John Grisham, for copyright infringement. They allege that OpenAI used their copyrighted works to train large language models without permission, potentially harming their livelihoods by enabling the creation of derivative works. Other authors have also filed similar lawsuits against OpenAI for copyright infringement, creating a legal challenge for generative AI companies.

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Res Nova has decided to order a tactical retreat and cancel the Warzone Eternal Kickstarter campaign regardless of the fact that they hit their funding goal on the first day. In an update posted on crowdfunding page they point to a slowdown of funding growth and complaints varying from the high price of unit boxes to the lack of painted models in the campaign page. We really hope to see a triumphant return of this game to crowdfunding or however else they want to proceed. Everyone’s heart seemed to be in the right place. It may just be that the company’s vision for the game and the fans’ expectations just didn’t line up.

Goodman Games Announces Caverns of Thracia for 5E and DCC RPG. Continuing in the tradition of bringing classic adventures to new life for the next generation of fans of role-playing games, Goodman Games is proud to announce the acquisition of the acclaimed adventure The Caverns of Thracia from Judges Guild and will republish it in fully converted 5E and DCC RPG editions with a targeted release date of 2023. Coming on the heels of the acquisition of Dark Tower, The Caverns of Thracia is the second acclaimed adventure from designer Jennell Jaquays to join the Goodman Games stable. Both were originally published by Judges Guild.

Several popular tabletop franchises are getting a full radio drama experience. Earlier this month, Aconyte Games, a publishing house owned by board game maker Asmodee, announced an audiobook partnership with Graphic Audio. Under the partnership Graphic Audio will produce twelve of Aconyte’s novels into dramatized audiobook adaptations, with sound effects, cinematic music, and a full cast. The first of these books – Wrath of N’Kai” by Josh Reynolds – was released on May 16th. Five other Arkham Horror books, three Twilight Imperium novels, and three Zombicide books will also get adapted into cinematic audiobooks.

The Embracer Group has announced its preservationist Embracer Games Archive. So far collected “50,000 videogames, consoles, and accessories” in its vault in Karlstad, Sweden. A team consisting of a CEO, archivist, assistant, technical engineer, and supply manager runs the archive. Is this a good thing or does Embracer just have trouble keeping its tentacles off of everything?
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