CMON Limited has acquired Japon Brand, known for representing Japanese game designers and licensing their games internationally. Japon Brand’s president, Akio Nomura, aims to continue supporting Japanese game designers with CMON’s backing. Kadokawa Group has acquired Arclight, a major board game publisher in Japan, to expand its analog game development business. 

Wizards of the Coast has announced a collaboration with Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid virtual idol for a Secret Lair drop. The set will initially be published in English and Japanese. When will this licensing madness end?

Hasbro is investing over $1 billion in internal game development, focusing on original IP like the upcoming game Exodus. This is motivated by the licensing deals of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Monopoly GO that have proven very lucrative. Just like their Haslab crowdfunding platform, their greed has motivated them to bring it all in-house thinking they will have the same success. 

GOBLINKO! has introduced Dungeon Degenerates: The Battle For Brüttelburg, a dark fantasy RPG. This 8-bit retro inspired action RPG will include mini games and a digital card game all set in the Dungeon Degenerates world setting.

Star Trek Adventures – Second Edition is available for pre-order, featuring streamlined rules, eliminating d6 challenge dice and adding expanded content. Additionally, First Edition products are on sale at a 50% discount. The first edition content will be “broadly compatible” with the new edition.

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The Darkest Dungeon boardgame Wave 1, the English language core game, is printed and ready ship. Unfortunately for Mythic, the company that designed the boardgame, which is based on the PC game by Red Hook Studios, the costs of shipping have dramatically increased. They are now asking backers to contribute a small additional amount to help make up for the $875K difference after they have already added over a million themselves in cooperation with Red Hook. Of course the comments and criticism are flying. This is putting Mythic in a tight spot. These addition costs are unforeseen and as Kickstarter is NOT a preorder, it seems they are justified in asking for this additional funding. It is either that or just dump the whole thing in the China Sea so they can stop paying storage costs.

A surprise message from DriveThruRPG informed us that due to the closure of RiotOnline we are being sent complimentary codes for PDFs of all the materials we had on this digital platform. This situation comes hot on the heels of Astral announcing they are done. RiotMinds is selling their IP catalog to CMON games. This includes Trudvang Chronicles, LexOccultum, and the Ruin Masters brands. Who knows what CMON will do with them. They do have a studio dedicated to TTRPGs so let’s hope for the best.

Restoration Games is returning to their successful reboot of Dark Tower with a seconding printing of Return to Dark Tower. It will also include a new expansion called Covenant that will include new heroes and mechanics. They are already near $1 million on the second printing this time on Backerkit. If you missed it the first time around this gives you a chance to get the game and for those that pledge it offers the chance to get some of the premium upgrades offered in the first Kickstarter campaign.

Finally, Kadokawa the publisher of Call of Cthulhu in Japan has announced a new smartphone app tentatively named Cthulhu Myth TRPG Rulebook PLUS. It will offer for the first time a single place to access all the books produced over the past 40 years for Call of Cthulhu in Japan. It will immediately only be available to iOS on iPhones but that could change depending on popularity. The app allows users to mark pages and add notes. It is free and offers the books as in-app purchases.
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