“Fighting a dragon is always a challenge. They are the kind of problem that calls for an A-10 Thunderbolt II and lots of rockets. Unfortunately, these things won’t be invented for another thousand years or so. In a pinch, you can get by with some household cleansers, rope, and magic, the duct tape of the fantasy world.”
-Michael West(en), Burned Rogue/Illusionist

In Part 1 of our latest Campaign Confessions, we give our thoughts on the Pathfinder system.

Chris: “Lyal, Can I play Batman in your DC game. Batman with a Scottish accent. ‘Ach. Ay’m the heerooo this city deserves, ya wee lass.'”
Lyal: “Wow. I’m not looking forward to that, but sure. Wayne?”
Wayne: “Hmm, maybe Sen … Sensible … Sensual … Sen … tence. Centennial. The Centennial.”
Lyal: “The Sentry. Wrong universe. How about Superman?”
Wayne: “No thanks. I do like Spee … Speeder … Speederma … Spice. Spicer … Spicerman …”
Lyal: “Spider-Man. Wrong universe, again.”

In this episode, we discuss the advantages of playing iconic characters as well as retelling classic or not so classic stories. Also, listen to find out what all the fuss about Sparks Nevada is.

The United States Government has passed the Superhuman Registration Act. Iron Man heads the movement to register everyone with powers or abilities. Captain America is the rallying figure for the resistance forces opposed to government control. Whose side are you on?

As mentioned in our previous episode, we’re putting up the end of our Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Civil War session as an actual play. Namor (or is that Numenor, or Numinera? Played by Chris) along with Doctor Strange (played by Wayne), join Captain America, Hercules, and the Invisible Woman to face off against Iron Man and a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (played by Lyal as the Watcher).

Please be aware that this episode is largely uncut and unedited, and may contain adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Civil War! Listener mail! Bosozoku! Soft prostitution! (?) This episode has it all.

We review the Civil War event book. We also answer a listener’s email about a game of vampires, secret agents and bosozuku set in Tokyo. During this discussion, Chris explains what “soft” prostitution is, which Lyal believes is still illegal.