The Deck of Sexy Things is a deck of playing cards designed for Dungeon Masters to handle romantic/sexual encounters in tabletop role-playing games. The cards will be fully agnostic, suitable for any race, gender, or orientation in characters.They can be used as a standard 52-card French-suited deck for various purposes. Each card features artwork by the artist 13th Warlock, portraying scenes for different circumstances (positive, neutral, negative, or weird). The crowdfunding campaign will Include game mechanics for various gaming systems such as AD&D, D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Savage Worlds, FAST Core, and 13th Age. The deck will be printed on premium, casino-quality card stock for durability and high-resolution printing. Stretch goals include a Card Art Book PDF, Call of Cthulhu deck rules, Science Fiction Jokers, and a free PDF of The Folio: Black Label #1 Adventure.

Goodman Games plans to bring Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) to Roll20 through a crowdfunding campaign. DCC is an old-school fantasy dungeon-crawling RPG featuring unique mechanics and a challenging character progression system. The Roll20 integration includes all DCC mechanics, iconic adventures, and a campaign path from level 0 to 3. The crowdfunding campaign will launch in early February and aims to fund the complete DCC integration on Roll20.

Tabletop designers are organizing a game jam to create a megadungeon in memory of game designer and activist Jennell Jaquays.The game jam, named Return to Perinthos, encourages participants to submit dungeon content inspired by classic D&D adventure Caverns of Thracia. Crowdfunding proceeds will support Jaquays’ family, and profits from wholesale and retail sales will benefit Trans Lifeline, a grassroots nonprofit. Submissions are accepted until February 1st, and the project aims to create a diverse, system-agnostic dungeon.

Ars Magica, an RPG set in mythic Europe in the 1200s, is getting a definitive 5th Edition. The new edition, called Ars Magica 5th Edition Definitive, features extensive revisions and updates, including new art and layout. The crowdfunding campaign is set to launch in fall 2024, offering a deluxe, full-color, hardcover print edition with an open license. Atlas Games has also “resurrected” the original printer files for the Ars Magica 5th Edition line, making the entire back catalog compatible with the new edition.

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Privateer Press releases a statement about their Iron Kingdoms RPG. The setting became the inspiration for their miniatures game War Machine. It uses the OGL and depending on what WotC does it may need to find another system or license.

There are two Bundle of Holding if you are looking for non-OGL TTRPGs. These bundles are DRM-free PDFs and offer a huge variety of gaming systems for gamemasters and players to try out.

Free League has announced two new game licenses. Because of recent OGL events they have updated their Year Zero Engine OGL and SRD and also a specific license for publishing third-party adventures for their successfully Kickstarted upcoming Dragonbane RPG. 

Facade Games has the fifth entry in their Dark Cities game series on Kickstarter. Hollywood 1947 is a social deduction game that is set in the blacklisting-crazy, red scare Hollywood studio system. Players take the role of a studio employee working on their latest film.THe components like all their previous games are gorgeous and the game box is a replica of a hardcover book that will sit perfectly alongside the previous games. 

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In our short review of the Star Trek Adventures RPG by Modiphius, we give an overview of the contents of the book, game mechanics and our thoughts on how well the game system reinforces the setting. For a longer discussion, please check out our audio review on this channel with an extra hour of impressions and explanation:


Two Star Trek fans guys who have seen some Star Trek episodes review the latest 2d20 game, Star Trek Adventures. We answer all of the important questions. Do you need to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy the game? Can the game make you a Star Trek fan? Is this an improvement on the 2d20 system? Does the system match the universe? Does it have starships? Can you play a Borg hottie? Listen and find out!

Audio for this episode is also available on YouTube