Games Workshop is retiring many old Space Marine units from Warhammer 40,000, making way for the newer Primaris Space Marines. This move has upset some players who invested in the older models, but Games Workshop’s focus is on growing the Primaris range. Games Workshop reports record revenue, profits, and dividends in its annual report for the year 2023. The company remains committed to continuous development of its intellectual property and expanding its global reach.

Paizo partners with Mirrorscape, an extended reality (XR) tabletop gaming platform, to bring Pathfinder and Starfinder into augmented reality. Players can now experience these games in a more immersive and interactive way using mobile devices. Set to launch on iOS and Android on July 25th, Mirrorscape is already generating buzz among tabletop roleplaying gamers. It offers a truly immersive experience where players can interact with game pieces, terrains, and miniatures in realistic 3D, no matter their location. This innovative technology has received positive coverage from major outlets like Wired, Wargamer, GamesRadar, and Dicebreaker.

CJ Leung, known for the @DontStopThinking YouTube channel, is launching a new tabletop RPG called “Cloudbreaker Alliance” on Kickstarter. It is an anime-inspired fantasy RPG with a unique combat system and a focus on strategic gameplay.

Candela Obscura announces its second chapter with new players, including Brennan Lee Mulligan and Marisha Ray, exploring a new narrative unrelated to the first season. The horror RPG series will have a five-hour cinema premiere in select theaters.

DriveThruRPG updates its policy to ban content primarily written by AI language generators, acknowledging the challenge of enforcement. The platform trusts its community to offer unique works primarily based on human creativity.

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Basic Roleplaying will be one of the first major releases under the Open RPG Creative Licence, with Chaosium saying it had revised the system’s newest edition specifically to cater to use via the new license.The Basic Roleplaying: The Universal Game Engine book will include the system’s core rules for creating characters and progressing them through levels, as well as details on how to handle combat, magic and superpowers, weapons and equipment, vehicles, and more. In keeping with the system’s setting-agnostic core, the rules are designed to be used with the setting or genre of the player’s choice.

Five years after the release of Gangs of Rome, Footsore Miniatures & Games, with your help, would like to create a version two rulebook containing new core, advanced and campaign rules alongside new double-sided, full-colour printed MDF tokens.The current miniatures are compatible with the new rules and will be available during the Kickstarter, providing a sizeable supporting range. However, we hope to unlock further stretch goals for new miniatures along the way. Include them as add-ons to your pledge will help make this happen. 

As the days grow longer and the darkness lifts, the light reveals Pathfinder and Starfinder treasures sitting in our warehouse that would look great on your gaming table. Spring forward into our half-off Paizo Magic Sale! Enjoy a legendary 50% off select print and digital products. Mix and match from Pathfinder Second Edition, Pathfinder First Edition, and Starfinder books, PDFs, accessories, maps, pawns, minis and more! This opportunity is like the one we give to subscribers—buy the print version and get a complimentary PDF—or a buy one, get one!

Root out the vile corruption that threatens humanity as an Acolyte of the Inquisition in Dark Heresy. Hold the line against the coming night as a brave member of the God-Emperor’s Imperial Guard in Only War. Become a Disciple of the Dark Gods and spread terror across the stars in Black Crusade. Experience the vast universe of Warhammer 40,000K Roleplay from whole new perspectives, and help support Children’s Health Ireland with your purchase.

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Alex Ziff, co-CEO at MyMiniFactory, and Matt Wilson, chief creative officer at Privateer Press discuss the state of 3D printing and where it will be in 5 years.

Talislanta the Roleplaying Game is Back and after 35 years, still no Elves! New race combos Written and designed by the original Talislanta creator New Atlas New illustrations New equipment and weapons New archetypes, monsters, and creatures All this and more in a Limited Print run. The campaign is being produced by Everything Epic.

This bundle includes hundreds and hundreds of books, I have no idea how many, but it is basically everything we have ever made using the OGL v1.0

#OpenDnD is a rallying cry under which creators and fans have unified to demand that WotC revoke the draconian 1.1 OGL and pledge to support the existing 1.0 OGL into future editions of their games. This isn’t an opportunity to litigate and tinker with a new license, but to return to the values of open gaming. Our community deserves an open future if we want our favorite games to not only survive, but thrive!!  What is #OpenDnD? An open letter on the Open Gaming License, to Wizards of the Coast.

Basic Fantasy Project productions will excise OGL content from its rules. It doesn’t matter whether Hasbro releases their new license or not. It doesn’t matter whether it stands up in court or not. Their attempt to invalidate the license we’ve always depended on and then to effectively steal what we’ve created demonstrates that they are an existential threat to our game. So, what do we do? We excise the OGL.

Apropos of nothing… Chaosium has made Basic Roleplaying aka ‘The Big Gold Book’ only 99 cents on DriveThruRPG (normally $21.95)*. At some point, almost every gamemaster wants to create their own Mythic World. That’s what the Basic Roleplaying System (BRP) is all about! It is simple, fast, and elegant, using a skill-based percentile system. Combat is fast and deadly, and with a strong focus on non-combat skills that some game systems are challenged to support. Players roll percentile dice against the Gamemaster-led opponents, or even themselves.

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In July, Roll20 and DriveThruRPG announced they come together under Ankit Lal. Don’t call it a merger; call it a joint venture. The two have been pretty much operating in unison for the last few months, and now marketplaces for digital content are getting closer together.At the time it was announced that the community content program that OneBookShelf, the DriveThruRPG parent company, has with Wizards of the Coast would expand to include Roll20.Right now, third-party publishers who follow the rules can create and sell D&D adventures and other content from the DMsGuild. As of this week, those modules can also be created for Roll20.

 Role’s co-founder isn’t worried about D&D’s plans for the online RPG space. CEO and co-founder Elle Dwight offered two polite reminders that Role, the streaming roleplay platform she co-founded and runs, is not a virtual tabletop but a toolset for “conversation gaming”. After crowdfunding $106,982 on Kickstarter in 2020, Role has been successfully simmering among the actual play and online RPG space. That scene is quickly expanding, though. Wizards of the Coast announced its own plans for a dedicated, in-house virtual tabletop for Dungeons & Dragons earlier this year, and smaller companies such as One More Multiverse, Foundry and even Roll20 are renegotiating what exactly they can offer players who suddenly find themselves with a wealth of options when it comes to playing games digitally with friends.

When you think of Dungeons and Dragons, the world’s most popular RPG, you might think of heroic orcs, magical elves, or Tieflings running an inn somewhere. But you might not have thought that the tabletop game of fantasy adventures is a game in need of a recurrent spending environment. And you’d be forgiven too. Because unless you’re a WotC or Hasbro executive, odds are really good you’ve never thought the words “D&D under-monetized” before.According to an investor-focused “fireside chat” with Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks, and WotC’s new CEO Cynthia Williams, D&D is under-monetized.

Paizo is offering a webstore-wide holiday discount.From now through January 18, take 15% off a single order* on Pathfinder, Starfinder and Kobold Press print products at the Paizo Store using the code holiday23 at checkout.
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Workers of Paizo Unionize after harassment charges and work abuse. This makes them the first tabletop company to do so. Spire’s End, self-published by Greg Favro, is a card-based choose your own adventure in a small box. Tribe 8 is a post-apocalyptic RPG by Dream Pod 9 that was originally published in 1998. It is being re-released using the Forged in the Dark rules system created for Blades in the Dark. Tabletopy is a simple web app soundboard that can be used in a game session in a pinch, but Tabletop Audio is the premier, advertising free, user supported ambient game audio site on the web.
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Luke Gygax responds to the lawsuit naming GaryCon and himself. We take a look at the offerings in this year’s Free RPG Day. Chaosium buys Dhole’s House and hires the developer. Pay attention Games Workshop. This is how it is done. The Cthulhu Hack Bundle of Holding if you prefer d20s. Finally, there is a bundle on to raise money for individuals forced into hiding or to flee in wake of the group’s return to power in Afghanistan over the summer.
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Following the miniatures skirmish boardgame, Mantic is following up with a Hellboy TTPRG designed by Marc Langworthy of Red Scar Publishing. It will launch on Kickstarter and be powered by 5E of the World’s Greatest Role-playing Game. Amazon releases Starfinder audio game for Alexa. Featuring the voices of Nathan Fillion and Laura Bailey. GenCon Online releases the winners of the 2020 Ennie awards. Again this year Free League is a big winner with the Alien RPG and Mörk Borg. Thousand Year Old Vampire and Ironsworn Delve were also winners. As of this release, the Star Trek 2d20 Humble Bundle is now concluded, but the PDFs are available on DriveThruRPG and the free quickstart is on the Modiphius store. The Masters of the Universe going to be a pen and paper RPG power by Cortex Prime. Legends of Grayskull will be published in 2021 and will include a 250-page hardcover guidebook with pull-out maps, a digital companion, a community content creation and sharing platform, and an organized play program.

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We were lucky enough to get some time with Lou Agresta in the middle of the Kickstarter for Grimmerspace, a scifi horror setting for the Paizo Starfinder RPG. We discuss the choice of the system, playing horror in an RPG, Sean Astin’s involvement in the project, the Grimmerspace setting and setting-specific character classes and technology. We played the free starter adventure available on the Kickstarter page called Abbatoir-8 and we recount a little of our experiences. #grimmerspace #starfinder

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A return and response to the UK Games Expo incident. Interviews this week. First with Lou Agresta from Iron GM Games about Grimmerspace on Kickstarter. Then Ken Spencer from Why Not Games about their adaption of Rocket Age to 5e. Finally, Cass Suwinski from Tomb Guardians Miniatures and their new magnetic dungeon tiles for their Dwarf Mines Quest RPG.


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[embedyt][/embedyt]The second session of the free adventure Grimmerspcae: Abbatoir-8 by Iron GM Games. Find out what happens to the lovable Thrask. Will our heroes survive? Does a leader really need two arms? These questions and more in the second session of Grimmerspace.

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