Evil Genius Games is suing Netflix for allegedly backing out of a deal to create a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) based on Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon movie. Evil Genius Games claims they delivered the game and related materials but Netflix canceled the contract and asserted ownership of the intellectual property without fair compensation.

BackerKit, a crowdfunding platform, announced a policy against AI-generated content on its platform, citing concerns about fair compensation and permission issues. The policy will restrict solely AI-generated content, but AI-assisted tools in editing and refinement will still be allowed. Essen Spiel, the world’s largest board game expo, admitted to using AI-generated artwork in promotional material for its 2023 event. The admission follows public criticism of other companies using AI-generated art, such as FryxGames and Stronghold Games for Terraforming Mars.

Osprey Games announced a new entry in the Undaunted board game series called “Undaunted 2200: Callisto,” moving away from World War II settings to sci-fi mech battles on Jupiter’s moon Callisto.

Penguin Random House will cease distributing Dungeons & Dragons products in mainstream bookstores from 2024. The distribution responsibility will shift to other distributors like Alliance, Diamond, and GTS.

Johan Nohr, the artist behind MÖRK BORG, launched a Kickstarter campaign for an art book containing over 300 illustrations, annotations, and behind-the-scenes content. The book will showcase Nohr’s artwork since the release of MÖRK BORG in 2019 and will be a large coffee table book with high-quality printing.

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An English edition of the Household TTRPG design by Italian studio 2LM Press is being released by CMON who recently purchased the studio. The setting involves playing Littlings, small creatures like Faeries and Boggarts that originated in European folklore.

Some disturbing information has come out concerning the creator of the Empire of the Petal Throne and the Tekumel setting, one of the earliest roleplaying settings that wasn’t Dungeons and Dragons. It was discovered that Professor M.A.R. Barker wrote Serpent’s Walk , an anti-Semitic novel that was published under a pseudonym in 1991. What does the mean for the future of the setting and the Tekumel Foundation?

Late to the game as they were with the popularity of X-wing, WhizKids is producing a skirmish boardgame based on Dungeons and Dragons. The game designer, Nicholas Yu, revealed on Twitter that he is working on D&D: Onslaught. The game was shown off at GAMA and will feature a Combat Dial system to track stats.

RollVsEvil is a new tabletop non-profit organization focusing its first campaign on Ukraine Relief. Many of the biggest companies in tabletop are involved including R. Talsorian, Magpie, Paizo, Green Ronin, Roll20, GAMA, and more.

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Dungeon Scrawl, an excellent web-based mapping application, is in open BETA, free with no ads or paywall. Tunnels and Trolls has a new updated Bundle of Holding. Wizards of the Coast releases diversity errata for some popular adventures. Paizo apologizes for having players play the role of police in its most recent still unpublished adventure. All for One: Régime Diabolique RPG is a game of supernatural swashbuckling horror and adventure in a demon-plagued 17th century France, published in 2010. Origins Online run by GAMA is canceled due to their delayed BLM response and the subsequent protest.

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