The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned board game reviewers and influencers about the importance of properly disclosing their relationships and any free products they receive from companies. Failure to disclose such information could be considered an “unfair or deceptive” act, leading to potential court action. The FTC’s updated guidance extends to online influencers on various social media platforms, emphasizing the need for clear disclosure, even if they are not explicitly asked to mention the products. This applies to content creators showcasing board games on social media or in videos, as these actions could imply endorsement without using words.

Critical Role, a popular gaming company known for introducing people to tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, has removed numerous videos from its YouTube channel. Most of these videos featured Brian Foster, the former host of the series “Talks Machina,” where cast members were interviewed after each episode. The removal comes after leaked court documents revealed instances of verbal abuse and threats against main cast member Ashley Johnson during her engagement with Foster. Additionally, videos featuring Foster hosting “Behind the Sheets” and participating in other shows have also been taken down, except for one episode of “Honey Heist,” which can still be found on Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel.

The Gloomhaven Grand Festival has finished by raising $5,053,380 with 34,691 backers It included Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs, Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game, Miniatures of Gloomhaven, Gloomhaven: Second Edition and was run on Backerkit. The campaign contained no exclusive offerings eliminating FOMO and allowing their $1 pledge to give people time to decide.

“Horror on the Orient Express,” a famous campaign for the Lovecraftian RPG “Call of Cthulhu,” is being transformed into a cooperative board game. Designed by Adam Kwapiński and Michał Gołąb Gołębiowski, creators of “Nemesis” and “Frostpunk: The Board Game,” respectively, the board game will follow the 1991 Call of Cthulhu adventure set aboard a train during the 1920s. Players act as investigators navigating through the eerie Dreamlands, encountering cosmic horrors and cultists. The game offers a complete RPG-like experience, allowing players to customize and progress their characters, gather clues, interrogate passengers, and protect the train from monstrous threats. The board game is described as “challenging” and will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign in the first half of the following year, with an expected release in 2025. A prototype will be showcased at the upcoming Gen Con convention in the US.
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We discuss the Lake Geneva Dugeon Hobby Shop museum set to open, or at least get a new parking lot and curator. Also, the list of professionals and events that are distancing themselves from the new TSR grows. Cargo shipping rates are up 300 to 400 percent currently. This is putting pressure on board game companies to shoulder that expense if it is temporary or pass it on to the customers. Probably the likely move. The solution would be stop printing boardgames in China, but why would anyone do that? Finally, for an escape for the ugliness we take a look at Dukk Borg by Gem Room Games and Nerdy Paper Games. A Mork Borg compatible game that combines dark metal and DuckTales. Anything that celebrates death metal aesthetics and Carl Barks influenced duck characters is worth a look.
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Intro song is “Chips” by Kokoro No Me