MEKBORG and STEEL PSALM are two books that take the raw, old-school, d20-friendly rules of MÖRKBORG and dip them headfirst into post-apocalyptic, mechanical, MEK-KNIGHT mayhem, drawing inspiration from robot-on-robot combat, doom metal aesthetics, and more. Fight over the scraps of what little remains in an easy-to-learn campaign setting that puts aesthetics and mood before rules and crunch.

The companies that previously made Embracer’s games portfolio are also tasked with paying off its $1.5 billion debt. The company announced it is splitting into three separate entities: Asmodee, Coffee Stain & Friends, and Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends. Now, CEO Lars Wingefors claims it’s all part of a plan to eventually make good games and make money from them.

Free League announced a new tabletop miniatures game of skirmish combat today. Titled Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars, and set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mutant Year Zero, the game joins its lofty brethren Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout Factions in giving everyone, everywhere some kind of post-apocalyptic skirmish game to play.

This is Free Trader Beowulf is a history of the Traveller RPG. Traveller is the first science fiction role-playing game ever published, and its history is fascinating. If you have ever wondered where Traveller came from and how it has evolved over its many editions, this is the PDF for you.

Coordinating your online tabletop group for a game night is going to get a little bit easier. Popular virtual tabletop tool Roll20 is coming to Discord, integrating right into the chat and voice platform. So, instead of running Roll20 separately in a browser with some other voice client, you can start the activity from right inside Discord itself.

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Mantic Games has announced that they will launch a new Boardgames Division. This will focus on family-friendly and licensed-IP games. They want to be able to create projects that will be crowd-funded on Gamefound and will be one and done including expansions that are funded. The idea is to free them from one the wargaming space and also to make games that will lead players to the existing Mantic IPs.

BackerKit posts a surprise announcement that they are in beta as a full-fledged crowdfunding platform. They will officially launch in 2023 and already have over 30 companies committed to the platform. This includes Cephalofair Games, creator of the popular Gloomhaven and Frosthaven games. Isaac Childres, owner of Cephalofair, stated concerns over the announcement by Kickstarter to embrace blockchain technology that precipitated the move. BackerKit tools will still be available to Kickstarter campaigns.

We were contacted by Louis Simspon, managing director of Troll Trader, telling us that our discussion of the circumstances of the closure of Secret Weapon Miniatures was completely incorrect. He referred us to a statement posted by his company and the details when compared to the Secret Weapon Kickstarter update posted by Justin McCoy, nothing matches up. The truth lies somewhere in between. We under no circumstances want to damage the reputation of Troll Trader by our discussion. They are a company I have personally bought from in the past. The details are quite interesting so we will discuss them.

Following up on last week’s announcement, we get a statement from the CEO of Embracer Group explaining why Saudi Arabia is a good business partner and how they discussed difficult topics prior to this investment. So we have nothing to worry about and money is money so keep feeding that machine. Just remember to wipe off the blood and human rights abuses!
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